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Deploy files on your device's file system.

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Devices on Android 12, including Meta Quests on firmware v51+, must give ManageXR permission to deploy files to Android/data and Android/obb. Learn more about the Android 12 changes and how to deploy files to protected locations.

With ManageXR, you can deploy any type of file to your device's file system. This is often used for files that are better kept outside of an APK or OBB, like large movie files or customizable config files.

You'll want to start by uploading your file to the ManageXR platform. To do this, see our Uploading Files Guide.

Deploying Files via a Configuration

First, navigate to your configuration and click on the Files tab.

All files that have been uploaded to the ManageXR Platform will be displayed on the right-hand side. These can be deployed to any file location on your device's file system. To do this:

  1. In the Add folder text field, enter the file path of the folder where you'd like your files to go. For example, enter "Movies" if you want to place files in the "Movies" folder at the root of the device's file system. You can also type the path to a nested folder, like "Android/data/".

  2. Click and drag a file from the right-hand side to the new destination folder you just created.

💡The name of the file on ManageXR is the same name the file will have on a device's file system.

That's it! Once you've set which of your files should be deployed to which destination folders, click Save Changes. Your files will immediately be downloaded and placed in the correct location for all devices using this configuration.

Moving files

To move files to another folder after adding them to your configuration, simply drag and drop!

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To remove files from a configuration, follow these steps.

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