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Register a New Device Using the Pico Preload ManageXR App
Register a New Device Using the Pico Preload ManageXR App

Follow these steps to register a Pico device using the ManageXR app preinstalled on Pico Neo 3 and G2 4K devices in the US.

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Take a look at this video tutorial that will walk you step-by-step through the Pico Preload process. Click here to watch the Pico Preload Device Setup Tutorial.

Using the ManageXR preloaded app is useful because it skips an entire step of the device provisioning process. You can follow a couple of simple steps to bring a device from a blank slate to fully configured in less than 2 minutes, all without connecting your device to a computer. This will save time for both non-technical end-users and administrators alike.

Note: In order to start this process, you must have created your first Organization and Configuration on the ManageXR platform. Once created, choose the registration code for the configuration you wish to apply to your device.

Pico Preload Setup Steps

  1. Power on your Pico device

  2. Connect to WiFi

  3. Click on App Library

  4. Click on the ManageXR app

  5. Input your registration code and click Register (once you register the device, it will immediately begin syncing with your ManageXR configuration).

  6. Once registered, your device will require a reboot to complete the setup. Click Restart Device.

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