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Preparing a Magic Leap 2 Device for Registration
Preparing a Magic Leap 2 Device for Registration
Follow these steps to get your Magic Leap 2 device ready for registration on ManageXR using the Device Setup Tool.
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Enable Developer Mode on the Device

💡Note: In most cases, Magic Leap 2 devices come with Developer Mode enabled and thus do not require any preparation before registration.

However, if you do need to manually enable developer mode, follow these steps:

  1. From the main home screen, navigate to the Settings menu

  2. Scroll down and open the About tab

  3. Click the Build Number item 7 times or until a Developer notification is shown

  4. Click the Back arrow

  5. Open the System menu

  6. Click the Advanced dropdown arrow

  7. Open Developer options and toggle on Developer Mode

  8. Scroll down and enable USB Debugging

Your device is now ready to be registered on ManageXR!

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