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Uploading & Downloading Video Files
Uploading & Downloading Video Files

Follow these steps to upload video files to ManageXR and review our video player specs

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ManageXR's video player actively supports MP4 files with H.264 encoding for video and AAC encoding for audio. Max resolution is 3840x3840 at 30fps and 3840x1920 at 60fps - 3840x3840 (a 1:1 ratio) is for a stereo video, 3840x1920 (a 2:1 ratio) is for a standard video).

Supported video types: 2D, 180, 360
Supported mapping types: Equirectangular, Cubemap

Supported display types: Stereo, Mono

Supported packing types: Top/bottom, left/right

While our platform does have the capability to support higher framerates and resolutions, it's possible that your hardware may not be able to handle this smoothly, which may result in choppiness or performance issues.

How to upload a video

  1. Navigate to the VR Content tab

  2. Click Add Content

  3. Select Video under the Add new content section

  4. Upload your .mp4 video file

  5. Give your video a title

  6. Select a video type (2D, 180, 360)

  7. Select a video mapping (Equirectangular, Cubemap)

  8. Choose a display type (Mono, Stereo)

  9. Click Create Video

How to download a video

  1. Navigate to the VR Content tab

  2. Select a video and click DOWNLOAD

💡You can launch videos directly from the ManageXR web console. You can also send a pause video command to a single device. Learn more about the commands you can send in real-time to your devices here.

Need more help?

Talk to a member of our team using the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen, or reach out to

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