Device Commands
Send real-time commands to a single device or several devices simultaneously
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You can send commands to your device in real-time. However, your device will not receive and act on these commands until it is turned on and connected to the internet.

Send a command to a single device

  1. Go to your device's page;

  2. Click on one of the available commands:

Send a command to several devices

All devices must share the same configuration to send bulk commands.

  1. From the Devices page, select your target devices;

  2. Click the Command button and select your command to send:

💡Tip: If you have the ManageXR Home Screen enabled, you can exit an app remotely by sending a command to return to the ManageXR home screen. If exiting the app to return to the home screen is requiring in-headset input, ensure your Shortcut Menu is disabled for this configuration.

Available Commands



Launch VR Content

Force your device to launch a specific app, webxr link, or video. After launching a video, you can send a pause video command to a single device.

If you select Home Screen in the App list, it will exit the app you have currently open and take you back to the home environment.

You will choose between the approved content associated with the configuration applied to this device.


Force restart your device.


Force your device to sync with the ManageXR servers.

Apps and Files will automatically sync whenever the device is online, so this command isn't usually necessary.

Disable / Enable Kiosk

When Kiosk / Home Screen mode is disabled, you can access the default device menu.

This command is useful if your Configuration enables Kiosk Mode / Home Screen, but you want to temporarily bring this specific device out of this to access locked settings and apps.

Disable / Enable Tutorial Mode

When Tutorial Mode is enabled, your Tutorial app will launch on boot. Devices automatically exit Tutorial Mode once they exit your Tutorial App.

Change Organization

Read our Change Organization Documentation to learn more.

Factory Reset/Cancel Factory Reset

Factory Resetting your device will delete all apps, files, and settings, including ManageXR.

You can also cancel this command if it's queued on the device.

Read our Factory Reset Documentation to learn more.

Pause/Resume Configuration Updates

Pause Configuration Updates to stop a device from syncing with its latest Configuration. When a device has updates paused, user-initiated changes to its Configuration and ManageXR-initiated updates to the ManageXR Admin App and Home Screen will not propagate to the device.


Read our documentation on Deleting a Device to learn more.

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