Factory Resetting a Device
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Factory reset a device using ManageXR

You can remotely Factory Reset your device on ManageXR, deleting all apps, files, and settings. This action will also remove ManageXR from the device, effectively releasing it from your management/control. You will need to reinstall ManageXR on the device to bring it back under management.

Typically, remote factory resets are done when your device has been lost or stolen and you would like to securely remove all proprietary content from the device. Important to note this "kill switch" will only be received once the device is online.

You can factory reset devices individually or send the command to several devices at once. Find the Factory Reset command under 'More' options in the Device Commands list.

Since devices must be online to execute the Factory Reset, offline devices queued for Factory Reset will show ‘Pending Factory Reset.’ You may cancel the Factory Reset until the device comes online and receives the command. If you delete the device from ManageXR before the device comes online, the command will not be sent; therefore, the device will not be factory reset.

💡When you send a Factory Reset command to a device, that device no longer uses one of your device licenses, allowing you to upload another device to the platform immediately. However, you will still be able to see the reset/pending reset device in your device list.

Additional Factory Reset Options

Hard Factory Reset Using Button Combinations

⚠️Factory resetting a device using button combinations cannot be blocked by ManageXR's configuration settings.

Pico Neo 3 & Pico G2 4K

1. Power off the device.

2. Hold “Power” + “Volume Up” +”Home” button until you see the Android Robot.

3. Hold “Power” button and click “Volume Up” button once to enter Recovery Mode menu.

4. Press “Volume Down” to go down to “Wipe data/ Factory reset” and press the "Confirm" button to execute the command.

Meta Quest 2

Follow these steps from Meta to factory reset your Quest 2 device using button combinations.

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