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Device Setup Tool Statuses

Device Setup Tool statuses and their meaning

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When a device is plugged into the Device Setup Tool, the tool can display several different statuses.

You can hover over the status to learn more or read about the various statuses here.




ManageXR is installed, and this device is connected to your account. You can now manage this device via the ManageXR web console.

Ready For Install

This device is ready for installation.

Next step: Click the "Install" button to set up this device with ManageXR.

Ready For Install (Preregistered)

This device is connected to your ManageXR account but does not have ManageXR installed.

This can happen if you factory reset your device while ManageXR is installed.

Next step: Click the "Install" button to finish setting up this device.

Not Authorized

This device is not authorized with this computer.

To fix this, you must put the headset on and follow on-screen instructions to authorize this computer.

Requires Preparation

This Oculus device needs to be prepped for installation.

To fix this: Hover over the status section and follow the instructions, or read the Preparing an Oculus Device For Registration help doc.

Not Registered

ManageXR is installed on this device, but the device is not connected to a ManageXR account.

This can happen if you delete the device on your ManageXR web console but don't uninstall ManageXR from the device.

To fix this: Click "Install" to reinstall ManageXR on the device. This will re-register the device to your account.

Missing Permissions

This device is missing important permissions that enable ManageXR to run properly.

To fix this: Click "Fix Install" (or force refresh this device if you think this message is incorrect).

Wrong Organization

This device is owned by a different organization.

To fix this (if you belong to that organization): Open the drop-down menu in the top right and click "Switch Organization" to switch to the correct organization.

To fix this (if you don't belong to this device's organization): The organization admin must first delete this device in order to re-register it to your organization.

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