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Preparing a Meta Quest Device for Registration
Preparing a Meta Quest Device for Registration

Follow these steps to get your Meta Quest device ready for registration on ManageXR using the Device Setup Tool

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Before registering a device with ManageXR, you will need to complete Meta's out-of-box setup. The Meta setup process includes but is not limited to, selecting your language, connecting to a Wi-Fi network, and completing the safety acknowledgments.

What materials will you need?

⚠️ ManageXR does not support Quest devices that have more than one Meta account assigned to them (e.g., devices that are signed in to more than one account for app-sharing or other purposes).

To use ManageXR, remove one of the accounts using these instructions.

Enable Developer/Debug Mode on the device

Meta requires users to enable Developer/Debug mode in order to sideload and deploy apps to a device. Loading any software onto your device over USB cable is called sideloading. You can only sideload software onto your device if it is in Developer Mode. Once you sideload the ManageXR Admin App during this one-time setup, you will be able to control the content and settings on your device remotely.

  1. If you haven't already, sign up to be a Meta Quest developer. This only needs to be done once per Meta account. If you're already using a Meta Quest developer account, skip to step 2!

    1. On your computer, go to;

    2. Login to your Meta Developer account;

    3. Click this link to create an organization;

    4. Accept the developer agreement.

  2. Enable Developer/Debug Mode using the Meta Quest App on your phone.

    1. On your phone (iOS or Android device), open the Meta Quest app;

    2. Navigate to the Menu tab;

    3. Locate the Devices icon;

    4. Find your device and select it. If you can't find your device, click on the drop-down menu in the top right of your Meta Quest app and select the device from there;

    5. Look below for a section titled Manage Your Device;

    6. Continue down the screen until you see a green gear icon titled Headset Settings;

    7. Tap Developer Mode and toggle Debug Mode on;

The Device Setup Tool will now recognize your device when you plug it into your computer.

🛑 Inviting another user to join an existing Meta developer organization does not give them the ability to place a device into developer mode. Every email/user account must complete the steps below in order to enable developer mode on a device.

ManageXR Registration

1. Launch the Device Setup Tool and plug your device into your computer. Mac users will be asked to give permission for the device to connect to the computer.

💡 Note: Ensure you're not using other programs that connect your PC to the device (Android File Transfer, Meta Quest Developer Hub, SideQuest, Developer Tools for Meta Quest, etc.). If you are, the Device Setup Tool will not be able to recognize the device when you plug it in.

2. The device status will likely read Requires Authorization. This means you must authorize your computer to connect from within the headset.

Inside the headset, you will see a popup asking you whether to allow USB debugging - be sure to select Always allow from this computer for this option.

3. Press install to begin the automatic account removal and ManageXR installation process.

  • If automatic account removal fails, you will continue to see the status Requires Authorization. You can press Refresh to try again or follow steps 4-6 to remove accounts manually.

💡 Note: Our Device Setup Tool will automatically attempt to skip steps 4-6. It will try to auto-remove necessary accounts on your device in order for ManageXR to be installed. If the automation isn't successful, continue on to steps 4 - 9.

Manually remove all Android accounts

We've introduced a feature for our Device Setup Tool that will attempt to skip a step in the Quest device setup process. This update enables our tool to auto-remove necessary accounts on your device in order for ManageXR to be installed. Sometimes, Meta may release updates that hinder our ability to remove these accounts automatically. If this is the case, follow the instructions below:

4. Put on your headset now to find a special settings menu. (If the special settings menu is not open, click the kebab menu and select Open Device Settings). If it still doesn't show, reboot the device and repeat steps 1 - 4.

5. Scroll down and click on the Passwords and Accounts option (this could also be Accounts, depending on your device's firmware version).

6. Remove all accounts from the device. There will be a Meta and a Facebook account. In some cases, there may be other accounts on this list, and you must remove those as well. This process does not remove the Meta/Facebook account from your device; it's only removing an Android account called Meta and Facebook, which then frees up the device so that you can install ManageXR. When you reboot the headset, a Meta and Facebook Android account is automatically re-added to the device. Once all of the accounts are removed, immediately move on to the next step.

7. In the Device Setup Tool, click Refresh.

8. The device status should now read Ready for Install.

9. Click Install.

Your device is now registered on ManageXR 🎉

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. It is possible that the accounts you've removed reappear after a short period of time. If this is the case, simply reboot your device and try this step again. If this continues to happen, be sure you're not waiting too long between removing the account, refreshing the device inside the tool, and clicking Install.

  2. In later Meta firmware versions, the confirmation popup (which is supposed to appear after clicking Remove Account) sometimes does not render properly and shows as a semi-transparent box. In this case, you need to click where the confirmation would be (it's clickable even though it's not showing up properly). Check the video below for details on this process:

  3. If the accounts are still coming back, ensure you're not using the Quest Link Cable to connect the device to your computer, as the accounts will come back indefinitely until you use another cable.

Need more help?

Talk to a member of our team using the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen, or reach out to

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