Register a New Device
Follow these steps to register a device and start remotely managing it via the ManageXR platform.
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To start managing your device on ManageXR, you'll need to register it to the platform.

To learn how to do this, you can read through this help document or watch our video tutorials:

Download and Launch the Device Setup Tool

We register devices to ManageXR using the ManageXR Device Setup Tool. The Device Setup Tool is a separate application you must download and run on your computer.

  1. Download the latest Device Setup Tool:

  2. Launch the Device Setup Tool

    • Windows

      1. The Device Setup Tool will download as a zip folder. Unzip the folder and launch the "ManageXRDeviceSetupTool.exe".

      2. After launching, you may get a "Windows protected your PC" popup. Click "More info", then select "Run anyway".

    • Mac

      1. The Device Setup Tool will download as a .dmg. Open the .dmg and then drag the program into your applications folder as prompted.

  3. Log in to the Device Setup Tool using your ManageXR account email and password.

    1. Note: You can also use the Device Setup Tool without logging in if you have a Registration Code. Read more about registering a device with a Registration Code here.

Register Your Device

Now, it's time to plug your device into your computer and register your device!

  1. Prepare your device for registration:

    1. Oculus Device setup documentation

    2. Pico Device setup documentation (In most cases, this step is unnecessary on Pico devices)

    3. Magic Leap 2 Device (In most cases, this step is unnecessary on Magic Leap 2 devices)

  2. Connect the headset to your computer

    1. Tip: Ensure you're not using other programs that connect your PC to the device (Android File Transfer, SideQuest, Oculus Developer Tools, etc.). If you are, the Device Setup Tool will not be able to recognize the device when you plug it in.

  3. Ensure the Status reads, "Ready For Install." If it doesn't, refresh the device in the device setup tool.

    [crop output image]

    If you're still experiencing issues, hover over the status for more instructions, or read about the various statuses here.

  4. Enter your device's target Configuration and Name

  5. Click "Install"

You're all set! You can now log in to the ManageXR Console and remotely manage your device. You'll never need to plug your device into your computer again!

Hint: If you're already in the ManageXR Console, you may need to click the "Refresh" button for the new device to appear.


  • Make sure you followed the steps to prepare your device for registration:

  • If your device's Status doesn't read "Ready For Install," hover over the status to learn more about it, or read about the various statuses here.

  • Make sure you're using a USB-C cable that can transfer data (not just a charging cord)

  • If you're receiving a Device Setup Tool error code. Take a look at our Device Setup Tool errors documentation for troubleshooting tips.

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