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Device Setup Tool Changelog
Device Setup Tool Changelog

The Device Setup Tool is the software that helps you install ManageXR onto your device and register the device with your account.

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  • New Powered-off state for devices that are connected but not turned on

  • Preload PUI Configuration works on secured Neo 3’s

  • Better user-facing error messages

  • The self-update dialog no longer seems to spin forever

  • Fixed a bug which caused factory reset Quest devices to show a blank screen if they were plugged into the DST before the out-of-the-box experience was completed

  • Fixed a bug that caused the device runtime settings to not regenerate if the configuration was updated

4/18/2024 - v2.0.3

  • Allows users to provision Quests even when the device fails to turn off wifi

4/17/2024 - v2.0.2

  • Added progress bars to installation process

3/25/2024 - v2.0.1

  • More user friendly errors shown on the front end

3/11/2024 - v2.0.0

  • Complete UI Overhaul of the Device Status Table

  • Change Preload Configuration flow to be more clear and robust

  • For Meta devices, make account removal happen automatically behind the scenes

  • Meta account removal for Registration Code flow

  • Better Error Messaging around Registration Codes, configuration issues, licenses, and device limits

  • Detect Meta and Pico devices that are not in developer mode

  • Upgraded ADB version

2/13/2024 - v1.2.22

  • Automated Account Removal for Quest Devices on firmware v62

1/16/2024 - v1.2.21

  • Better automated account removal

9/14/2023 - v1.2.19

  • Better error messaging for failed downloads

8/14/2023 - v1.2.18

  • New “Push Configuration Update” action

  • Preload Support for App Bundle Files

  • More detailed error messages

  • Support Realware device Registration

7/24/2023 - v1.2.17

  • Fix issue with hanging when a device is plugged in before sign in

  • Fix issue with Preload of Pico PUI

  • Make Pull Logs action only available after installation

  • Update DPVR Model Names

6/21/2023 - v1.2.16

  • Pico G3 Support

  • Fix temporary delay in granting some android 12 related permissions

  • Give an explicit error when ADB isn’t able to start

  • Device registration via codes to respect pinned admin app versions

5/11/2023 - v1.2.14

  • Handle Account Removal for Oculus devices on firmware versions 51 and 53

  • Allow users to grant OBB permissions to a device from the DST

4/5/2023 - v1.2.13

  • Authorization overhaul - Enable users to sign in with Google, Microsoft, and SSO

  • No longer need to restart after clearing the application cache

1/17/2023 - v1.2.9

  • Fixed Bug with PUI updates during provisioning

1/17/2023 - v1.2.8

  • Pico 4 Enterprise Support

  • Allow automatic removal of Oculus Accounts during the setup process

  • Preload now includes Wifi networks, Videos, and Web XR links

  • Update ADB version

11/14/2022 - v1.2.7

  • Fixed an issue with PUI updates on newer Pico devices

9/13/2022 - v1.2.6

  • Fixed bug causing installation to fail when deploying Managed Apps when Preload Device Configurations setting was enabled

9/8/2022 - v1.2.5

  • Fixed 403 bug that sometimes happened when Preload Device Configurations setting was enabled.

6/1/2022 - v1.2.4

  • Support Oculus firmware v40+

7/6/2021 - v1.1.5

  • Support users that belong to multiple organizations.

  • Support Pico Neo 3.

  • Improve Oculus Quest 2 device registration process with "Needs Preparation" status.

4/15/2021 - v1.1.2

  • Small bug fixes

4/8/2021 - v1.1.1

2/23/2021 - v1.0.9

  • Update font, logo, UI

1/9/2021 - v1.0.8

  • Fix bug causing "Add WiFi Network" to not work with networks that use $ or ` in the password.

  • Improve register process for Quest 2

1/9/2021 - v1.0.8

  • Fix bug causing "Add WiFi Network" to not work with networks that use $ or ` in the password.

  • Improve register process for Quest 2

11/29/2020 - v1.0.3

  • Hotfix for Quest 2 edge case preventing successful initialization of the Admin App

11/24/2020 - v1.0.2

  • Hotfix for an edge case preventing successful initialization of the Admin App

11/23/2020 - v1.0.1

  • v1.0 Release

  • New Features

    • Better authentication

    • Bulk device setup

    • Preload device configuration

    • Load WiFi network onto device

    • Send any ADB

    • Better logging and error reporting

    • And more...

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