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Web Console Changelog
Web Console Changelog

The Web Console is the main ManageXR web app which can be accessed at

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Updated this week


  • Updated UI for file sync status on device page

  • Bug fixes


  • Optionally add 2-Step Authentication to user account

  • New Organization Security Setting to enforce 2-Step Authentication for all users on an organization

  • Add ability to search for organizations in universal search bar

  • Improve UI for switching and creating new organizations

  • Bug fixes and UX improvements


  • Performance improvements to analytics

  • Configurations can now be filtered by registration code

  • New table-based UI for the devices page, replaces previous list UI

  • Devices show battery charging status wherever battery level is displayed


  • Add configuration settings to control firmware update behavior on Meta and Pico devices

  • Add support for comma-delimited searches on the device list

  • Add firmware version to searchable fields on the device list

  • Show device list OBB filters when an app deploys files to the OBB directory

  • Add help center to global search


  • Manage New Pico Settings

    • Fast Boundary

    • Global Anti Dispersion

    • Eye Protection Mode

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Device list sidebar UX improvements

    • Search for configurations, tags, and device models

    • Each list displays 10 items max by default and can be expanded to view all

  • Dashboard tile added for apps shared with other organizations

  • Dashboard activity log now displays edits made to shared app expiration dates and device limits

  • Wolvic browser support updated to include Quest 3 devices

  • Bug fixes and UX improvements


  • Device limits for shared apps

  • “Automatically Grant Permissions” is now enabled by default when an app is added to a configuration

  • Show expiration date and device limit changes in release channel activity log events


  • Enable Shortcut Menu by default in Kiosk App and ManageXR Home Screen modes (requires Premium subscription)

  • Bug fixes


  • Show gaze control support on Discover XR Instant App page

  • Bug fixes and usability improvements


  • Shared App Time Limits

  • Magic Leap 2 support

  • Bug fixes


  • Meta Quest 3 device support

  • Change Oculus device labels and icons to Meta

  • Bug fixes


  • New Feature: Nested File Management

  • Improved UI for managing Release Channels

  • Update supported device list for some Configuration settings


  • Fix issue where Google and Microsoft sign up would not automatically redirect into the app

  • Fix issue where a device’s last synced timestamp is more recent than its last seen timestamp

  • After moving devices from an inactive organization, correctly redirect to the new organization


  • Add ability to move or delete Devices from Organizations without an active subscription

  • Add length validation to Wifi Network SSID

  • Add size validation to Home Screen images

  • Include Version Label in App up-to-date check

  • Add Lenovo device support for Device Experience Shortcut Menu

  • Bug fixes and UX improvements


  • Configuration setting to block Oculus firmware updates

  • Activity log event when registering a device using a registration code

  • Improved new organization onboarding experience

  • Bug fixes and usability improvements


  • New Configuration setting to open WebXR Links with Wolvic Browser on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro

  • PUI management for Pico 4 and G3

  • Auth sessions are now shared between tabs - new tabs no longer require re-authentication (auth sessions still expire after 12 hours)

  • Device images for Pico G3

  • Updated colors and typography

  • Bug fixes and usability improvements


  • New feature: Duplicate an app version

  • Device images for Lenovo VRX, Magic Leap 2, Vive XR Elite, and Vuzix M400

  • Bug fixes and usability improvements


  • Added Discover XR page sidebar


  • Add Android 12 OBB Permission notification mode setting

  • Add Android 12 OBB Permission device list filters

  • Prevent users without Content privilege from downloading files

  • Show correct configurations when deleting an App with deployed release channels

  • Fix crash when user is not a member of any organizations


  • Display Android 12 permissions and required permission warnings for affected Devices and Configurations

  • Reduce maximum VR Content icon dimensions to 512x512 pixels

  • Display only up to 10 App versions by default to improve App page responsiveness

  • Improve table sorting UI & automatically sort all tables


  • Updated site title and description for search engines

  • Add support for Device Setup Tool registration code sign in


  • Updated global fonts, colors, and layouts

  • Added support for localhost WebXR Link addresses

  • Configurations filter


  • Unconcealed device commands that were previously hidden under a “more” button


  • Remove access to device streaming for organizations with an Essential Tier subscription


  • Multi-device streaming

  • Hide user-identifying information organization security setting

  • Billing page information for organizations with a fixed content subscription


  • Release Channel Share Codes can now be Multi-Use

  • Configuration page sidebar now displays device count and links to its device list filter

  • Improved Subscription Upgrade Proration information

  • Click to copy package name on VR content app page

  • Fixed multi-select bug on Files page


  • Single Device Realtime Streaming

  • New Organization Security settings page

  • Enable/disable device streaming (enabled by default)

  • Add support for Meta Quest Pro

  • Show video play/pause state on the device detail page


  • Billing Redesign and additional Billing Information Collection

  • Improved the display of Network Errors on Login page


  • PUI 4.8.15 added and can be deployed via ManageXR


  • Show how many devices an app release channel is deployed on for each organization it’s shared with

  • Click to copy package name on the device installed apps list

  • Informational tooltips on the device page sidebar commands

  • Show description in place of package name in configuration app list & display tooltip on hover


  • API key JSON download failing

  • Legacy Home Screen app showing as out of date

  • Dashboard unknown location tooltip out of place

  • Unable to select some text


  • Added Report-Only CSP header & other security headers


  • Fixed: File sync error not displayed when a device is offline

  • Fixed: Analytics charts with filters not loading correctly

  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Device Detail Page V2

  • Updated toolbar and page headers

  • Updated device status page

  • Separate configuration sync status page, with additional sync items

  • New app/video/file download progress visualization

  • Dashboard Activity Log

  • Bug fixes and security improvements


  • New Public API endpoint to edit Device Information

  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • App Patching system performance improvements

  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Added Wifi Network management

  • Added Single Sign-on for enterprise customers

  • Public API - Added JSON download to API key creation

  • Bugfixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Updated device name sorting to be more natural

  • Updated API to enable ManageXR CLI for uploading apps


  • Added PUI version management for Pico Neo 3 devices

  • Fixed dashboard app device count not including release channels

  • Fixed network issue that possibly prevents sign in


  • Minor UI Improvements/Bug Fixes

    • Updated Home Screen settings device compatibility labels

    • Clarified USB Debugging label on Configuration > Settings page

    • Added severity level to Alerts on dashboard

    • Added Change Organization command to Device Detail page

    • Fixed: Unable to set No Group on device page

    • Fixed: “Unknown Error” tooltip on synced device status items

  • Added ability to delete devices in bulk

  • Added device list on hover of dashboard map

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