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Admin App Changelog
Admin App Changelog

The ManageXR Admin App is the software that is loaded onto your VR device. It manages installing apps, enforcing settings, and more.

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5/22/2024 - v1.7.55

  • Improvements to reduce the chances of exiting kiosk mode on Meta firmware v65+

  • Various bug fixes to enhance overall performance and stability.

4/10/2024 - v1.7.53

  • QR Code Enrollment for Pico Devices

  • Add additional validation for preloaded files

  • Skip installing existing files that were not deployed through ManageXR

  • Improve DPVR P2 Home Screen + Kiosk Mode experience and controls

  • Improvements to Meta v60+ devices Home Screen + Kiosk Mode

  • Fix issue with PUI 5 devices changing to Home Screen or Kiosk Mode by automatically rebooting on change

3/25/2024 - v1.7.52

  • Reduce booting into passthrough screen when in Kiosk Mode on Quest devices on Meta Firmware v60+

3/21/2024 - v1.7.51

  • Fix issue where users could access a browser via screencasting when kiosked on Meta Firmware v62+

  • Other casting related bug fixes on Meta Firmware v62+

3/11/2024 - v1.7.50 (Meta, HTC, DPVR devices only)

  • Improvements around passthrough and black screen issues for meta devices on firmware v60+

2/27/2024 - v1.7.49

  • Improved kiosk app experience on Meta v60+ devices, including issues with passthrough on boot

  • Improved Foreground App reporting on Meta devices

  • Other bug fixes and improvements

2/15/2024 - v1.7.48

  • Oculus v62 improvements

    • Reduce flickering in Oculus menus, providing a smoother navigation experience.

    • Improved Accessibility of Bluetooth, Screencasting, and WebXR (VR mode)

    • Enhanced the reliability of the "Resume App" button, ensuring users can reliably return to their VR applications from the shortcut menu.

2/12/2024 - v1.7.47

  • Improvements to kiosk mode for Meta firmware v60 and v62 devices

    • Improved reliability of screen casting, guardian, bluetooth, and other Native menus

      • Fix devices getting caught in passthrough on boot

      • WebXR links launched via Meta Browser can now Enter VR mode

  • Bug fixes + improvements

2/5/2024 - v1.7.46

  • Home Screen + Kiosk Mode improvements for Oculus Devices on firmware v60+

  • Fix App patching not working for labeled apps

  • Fix the delay in responding to commands

1/23/2024 - v1.7.45

  • Fix for Oculus firmware v60 when long pressing home button was bringing up ManageXR Shortcut Menu

1/19/2024 - v1.7.44

  • Fixes for DPVR Launcher

  • Fix for Pico Resume button on PUI 5.x devices

  • Fix hanging downloads caused by missing files

12/19/2023 - v1.7.43

  • Improvements to Home Screen and Kiosk Mode experience on v60 Meta Devices

12/19/2023 - v1.7.42

  • Enable launchParams as an optional data field on a LAUNCH_APP command

12/7/2023 - v1.7.41

  • Improvement for Oculus v60 kiosk mode

  • Prevent settings menu from lingering over home screen on PUI 5

  • Prevent PUI update

  • Uninstall incompatible HS with PUI 5+

  • Support shortcut menu for vive XR elite and focus 3

  • Prevent DPVR quick settings menu from launching

  • Enable location on DPVR devices to get Wifi working

  • Log Captive Portal URLs

  • Fix failsafe relaunch admin app loop

  • Fix creating additional file copies on Meta Quest 3

  • Install 4 files at once instead of just 1

  • [Behind feature flag] Resuming app and app patch files download after interruption

  • Bug fixes

11/8/2023 - v1.7.35

  • Support for App Time Limits

  • Bug fixes and improvements

10/25/2023 - v1.7.34

  • Quest 3 Support

  • Bugs Fixes

10/16/2023 - v1.7.33

  • Fix missing Branding Images on certain devices

  • Disable Exit to Home Prompt on PUI 5.6+ Devices when using a Kiosk App or Home Screen

  • Set Language on Pico 4 / G3

  • SCEP Beta

  • Fix Meta v57 Restart App Issue

  • Fix noisy and incorrect "Out of Space" error pop up on Lenovo VRX

9/1/2023 - v1.7.30

  • Clear App Install Failure Alerts when we can confirm the app is installed

  • Fix issue with Shortcut Menu in Kiosk Mode on Pico 4 Devices

  • Fix issues with Boundary on Lenovo devices

8/18/2023 - v1.7.29

  • Small bugfixes and improvements

7/31/2023 - v1.7.26

  • Lenovo Home Screen Support

  • Lenovo firmware reporting

  • Bugfix for lingering file alerts

  • Fix crash on bluetooth permissions issue

  • Improve DPVR streaming performance

  • Improvements to streaming reliability

  • Bugfix for WebXR links on XR Elite

7/12/2023 - v1.7.25

  • Clear ManageXR OBB + APK directory of temporary files on restart

7/10/2023 - v1.7.24

  • DPVR Support

  • WebXR Via Wolvic Support

  • Managed Pico 4 + G3 Firmware Support

  • App & File bundles fixes

  • Correctly Report Vive Firmware Version

6/21/2023 - v1.7.23

  • App + File Bundles

  • Support for Pico G3 Devices

  • Support for Lenovo VRX Devices

  • Support for Vuzix devices

  • Improvements to Pico 4 Home Screen experience

  • Improvements around deploying and updating wifi networks

  • Improvements to permissions for Android 11 devices

6/6/2023 - v1.7.22

  • Improvements to downloading APKs + Files

  • Oculus Casting Improvements

  • Device Streaming Reliability improvements

  • Pico Neo 3 firmware 5.4.0 Support

  • Improve Wifi network update reliability

5/4/2023 - v1.7.20

  • Android 12 on boot based permission flows

  • Improve Online / Offline detection

  • Improvements to captive portal detection

  • Fix Pico Neo 3 Exit and Restart issue from Shortcut Menu

  • Fix occasional app download permission for some Pico Neo 3 devices on PUI 4.3 and below

3/28/2023 - v1.7.12

  • Fix files being removed from device and redownloading

  • Fix PUI firmware updates failing on specific devices

3/21/2023 - v1.7.11

  • Remove PUI file on failed update

  • Gracefully handle UnsatisfiableLinkError for device screen streaming

  • Temporarily always inject the keyboard to Pico devices on a flag guarded basis

2/21/2023 - v1.7.9

  • Support for remotely launching WebXR Commands + Videos

2/7/2023 - v1.7.6

  • Improve handling of OBB downloads

  • Small bug fixes

1/18/2023 - v1.7.5

  • Pico 4 Enterprise Support and Beta Consumer Support

  • App download reliability enhancements with MD5 check

  • Device streaming bug fixes

12/19/2022 - v1.7.4

  • Support for Screen Streaming on Pico Devices

  • Updates for Oculus Quest Pro reporting

  • Fix Wifi Networks incorrectly being shown as out of date

12/6/2022 - v1.7.3

  • Fixed Download permissions error

  • Fixed issue with Pico Movement Tracking and Out of Box Experience

11/15/2022 - v1.7.2

  • Support for Advanced Shortcut Menu

  • Optimized downloads

  • Improved support for Oculus screencasting

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

10/24/2022 - v1.6.2

  • Fix bug affecting some Pico devices preventing the PUI update dialog from appearing when System Update Behavior is set to Prompt or Force Update on Boot.

9/27/2022 - v1.6.1

  • Support new App Version Labels feature

  • Support Factory Reset via ManageXR Web Console

  • Log title of uninstalled app events

  • Report sync status of Pico device settings (Play Boundary, Movement Tracking, and Performance Mode) in the Current Configuration page of the device details.

  • Stop overriding Device Bluetooth broadcasting name.

  • Report Pico Neo 3 Eye model as its own unique model (previously reported as Pico Neo 3)

  • Support tags with analytics events

  • Report controller battery and version of Pico G2 and G2 4K devices

  • Always report controller battery and version of last connected controller, even if the controller is not actively connected.

  • Fix Kiosk Mode for Oculus firmware v44

  • Fix bug preventing updating Wifi Networks on Oculus devices.

  • Fix rare bug double logging File installation events

8/30/2022 - v1.5.4

  • Fix preload device registration for Pico firmware 4.8.15

8/24/2022 - v1.5.3

  • Fixes for Pico firmware 4.8.15

8/10/2022 - v1.5.2

  • Improved Kiosk Mode/Home Screen mode behavior on Quest devices

1/10/2022 - v1.3.4

  • Collect device usage analytics for new dashboard analytics feature.

  • Prioritize Kiosk App updates over other app updates.

  • Increase stability for large downloads on slow networks (more improvements coming soon)

  • Fix PUI updates On Boot for Pico Neo 3

  • Improved Wifi Network detection

  • App Force Install now waits until app is downloaded before uninstalling the original. Force Install will also relaunch the app if it was in the foreground during the forced update.

11/23/2021 - v1.2.10

  • Oculus: Relaunch Kiosk App when it is updated

11/6/2021 - v1.2.9

  • Update Kiosk Mode to support Oculus firmware v34

11/3/2021 - v1.2.8

  • Fix Pico keyboard issue for preload registration process

  • Fix Launch App command for Pico Neo 3

11/1/2021 - v1.2.7

  • Add Vive Focus 3 support

10/13/2021 - v1.2.5

  • Improved error reporting

  • Improved Oculus Kiosk Mode which now supports launching the Guardian Setup and Screencasting menus (firmware v32+)

9/1/2021 - v1.2.3

  • Improvements for downloading and managing files

8/5/2021 - v1.2.2

  • Changes to support app sharing between organizations

  • Bug fixes

7/13/2021 - v1.1.6

  • Pico ROM Preload Support

  • Pico Neo 3 Support

  • Properly deactivate ManageXR Admin App if the device is deleted from a ManageXR account

  • Improved ManageXR Admin App UI (mostly for the preload app user experience)

  • Remove Pico notification sound that would trigger once on-boot.

  • Report total device storage space.

  • Small bug fixes and tweaks.

6/16/2021 - v1.0.14

  • Support some changes to backend.

5/25/2021 - v1.0.13

  • Add "Auto Grant Permissions" settings for approved apps. Apps with Auto Grant Permissions turned on will automatically have their Android permissions granted as soon as they are installed onto a device.

5/5/2021 - v1.0.12

  • Updates for Oculus firmware v28+

4/14/2021 - v1.0.11

  • Fix device registration edge case

  • Update device status reporting to fix UI issues on Web Console

4/7/2021 - v1.0.10

  • Auto bind Pico G2 controllers

3/28/2021 - v1.0.9

  • Support managing Pico system settings:

    • Performance Mode

    • Movement Tracking

    • Play Boundary

3/23/2021 - v1.0.8

  • Tweaks to Oculus Kiosk Mode

3/1/2021 - v1.0.6 (Pico Only)

  • Remove flicker 10 seconds after boot

2/19/2021 - v1.0.5

  • Support for file management

2/17/2021 - v1.0.4

  • Update Kiosk Mode to work with Oculus firmware v25+

1/29/2021 - v1.0.3

  • Prevent Admin App from downloading anything if there isn't enough disk space.

  • Fix bug causing Quest 2's to crash on first launch after initialization

  • Pico: Turn on wifi_display when opening the Miracast menu

  • Add Disable First Time Use command

  • Send "Updating" status to the server if any apps or files are currently being installed

1/9/2021 - v1.0.2

  • Support for advanced device status for Web Console v1.0

  • Support for file management (via Web Console v1.0)

  • Support for Mighty Launcher v1.0 (realtime updates, and more)

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

11/22/2020 - v0.55 (Pico Only)

  • Small changes to support upcoming Pico PUI 4.0.1

11/20/2020 - v0.54

  • Security and stability improvements

  • Better device logging

  • Add battery level checks to Pico PUI/controller update (prevent updates when headset/controller is too low on battery)

10/20/2020 - v0.51 (Oculus Only)

  • Oculus Quest 2 support

  • Update Oculus Kiosk Mode

10/7/2020 - v0.49

  • Disable back button on PUI/controller update screens

10/5/2020 - v0.48

  • Properly report Pico controller versions

  • Fix default keyboard Pico bug

10/2/2020 - v0.47

  • Pico PUI and Controller update process

  • Block and disable specific apps (remotely managed)

  • Fix “Exit Launcher” handling from Mighty Launcher

9/16/2020 - v0.45

  • Remotely manage device locale, timezone, and system settings

  • Remotely manage ADB and factory reset settings

  • Add ability to launch apps with launchParams

  • Kiosk Mode updates

  • Change IP location service

9/9/2020 - v0.44

  • More reliable device presence system

  • Auto grant requested approved app permissions on install

  • Improved app stability and error handling

9/3/2020 - v0.43

  • App patching now supports apps with same versionCode and different versionNames

8/28/2020 - v0.40

  • Retry device authentication on failure

  • Improve status.json for reading current status of admin app from other apps on the device.

  • Increase check-in frequency to 15 minutes

8/13/2020 - v0.39

  • Manage WiFi networks via DB, Actions, and ADB

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