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Home Screen Changelog
Home Screen Changelog

The Home Screen is your custom launcher inside the VR headset. When enabled, it replaces your device's default menus.

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5/1/2024 v2.10.3

  • Multi-language support for the following languages: French, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Swedish

  • Fixed Thumbstick Scrolling Not Working on Pico Neo 3 Headsets

4/17/2024 v2.10.2

  • Fix issue with Oculus Controller Battery level not reporting correctly

  • Fix issue with gaze arrows displaying when content doesn't require scrolling

  • Remove Exit Launcher option on PUI 5+ devices

3/25/2024 v2.10

  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements to our codebase

  • Support for Meta Quest passthrough

  • Dynamic WIFI strength indicator

2/5/2024 v2.9.24

  • More Improvements to the video player experience

  • Improvements to hand tracking experience

1/17/2024 v2.9.23

  • Improvements to the video player experience

12/19/2023 v2.9.22

  • Improvements to Monitoring and alerting

11/8/2023 v2.9.20

  • Fix 360 stereoscopic video playback in the video player

  • Enable settings bars for Quest 3

  • Fix for captive portal issues

  • Shared App Time Limits

10/16/2023 v2.9.19

  • Show wifi authentication error state on Home Screen

  • Fix issues with Custom Colors

  • Gaze input fixes

  • Improve FPS in home screen

  • Fix HTC Vive XR Elite-Only one controller's info appears in Settings Toolbar

  • Fix for G3 Controller Settings

  • Add gaze control for headsets with selection buttons

9/1/2023 v2.9.18

  • Support Hidden Wifi Networks via Home Screen

  • When entering Wifi Information, make keyboard dismissible when selecting outside of the keyboard area

  • Pico G3 Fix Home Screen Pointer + Headset selection mode

  • Fix Pico G3 cast access

  • Fix Overlapping Vive Controllers

  • Fix issue accessing casting on PUI 5.7.0

8/18/2023 v2.9.17

  • Support for Enterprise Wifi

  • Gaze based selection as a fallback for Oculus + HTC devices

7/10/2023 v2.9.16

  • Support for Gaze Based Selection on Pico 4 when no controllers connected

  • Haptic Feedback

  • Improved Vive Support

  • Support for launching WebXR Links via Wolvic

  • Fix for shortcut menu not appearing on first press of home button after boot

6/21/2023 v2.9.15 (Pico 4 only)

  • Fix boundary settings not displaying properly on Pico 4 Custom Home Screen

  • Fix issue with invisible objects that were selectable

6/6/2023 v2.9.14

  • Oculus Casting Improvements

  • Improve shortcut menu content accuracy

  • Fix quest controllers appearing mid-screen when moving to casting menu

5/4/2023 v2.9.12

  • Fix incorrect dates in Home Screen

  • Improved Android 12 Permissions Report

  • Fix for Home Screen backgrounds not syncing

3/6/2023 v2.9.7

  • Support Ukrainian language in Home Screen

  • Bugfix for Shortcut Menu Restart App and Exit to Home buttons on Pico Neo 3 devices

2/21/2023 v2.9.5

  • Support for remotely launching WebXR Commands + Videos

  • Bugfix for streaming in kiosk mode with shortcut menu disabled

2/7/2023 v2.9.4

  • Pico 4 controller support

  • Hand Tracking improvements

  • Render Captive Portals for Wifi Networks inside the Home Screen on Meta devices

  • Small bug fixes

12/19/2022 v2.9.1

  • Fix for hidden item selection

  • Support for Screen Streaming on Pico Devices

11/29/2022 v2.8.6

  • Fixed issue preventing 2D video playback

  • Made in-app keyboard more responsive

11/15/2022 v2.8.3

  • Support for Advanced Shortcut Menu

  • Oculus Hand Tracking improvements

  • Pop-ups when attempting to launch content that is still being downloaded/updated

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

9/29/2022 - v2.6.8

  • Fixed some wifi issues on Pico devices

  • Added Bluetooth support for Pico devices

  • Fixed bug causing controller to sometimes not appear in Vive Flow devices

  • Fixed bug on Oculus that would sometimes cause the previous app to launch after clicking "Exit Launcher" in the Admin Settings

8/30/2022 - v2.6.7

  • Numerous fixes and improvements on Pico devices

    • Use custom Wifi menu

    • Fixed Wifi icon showing with a slash through it even when connected to the internet

    • Fixed headset battery for devices with firmware 4.8+

    • Added shortcut to new Pico screencasting tools on firmware 4.8+

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