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Deleting a Device

How to remove devices from your ManageXR organization

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Deleting a device will remove the device from your remote management/control. If your ManageXR subscription has expired, you can still move or delete devices from that organization. Learn more.

When you delete a device, the following will happen:

  • The device will be removed from Kiosk Mode / Home Screen

  • Device settings Disable Factory Reset and Disable USB File Transfer will be unset.

Active Organizations

To delete a device:

  • Click the More button at the bottom of the device's sidebar menu

  • Select Delete

  • Type the device name to confirm and delete

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Inactive Organizations

To move your device from an organization with an inactive ManageXR subscription to another active organization:

  1. Log into your account and select the organization with the expired subscription. You will automatically be brought to the Subscription page and see a message that reads

  2. Scroll down below the Start a Subscription button and click Move or Delete devices.

  3. Move - Selecting move will prompt you to select a new destination organization and configuration.

  4. To finish moving devices, select the organization you'd like to move the device to

  5. Choose the configuration you'd like to apply to the device

  6. Confirm your selection and move the devices

πŸ›‘ Important:

  • All distributed apps and files will remain on a deleted device. To delete the apps and files, we recommend moving the device to an empty Configuration, waiting for the device to sync, and then deleting it.

  • If you delete a device, it will need to be re-registered to the ManageXR platform using the Device Setup Tool.

  • Deleting a device does not change your subscription. By deleting a device, you will be opening up a license slot for another device to be registered to the platform. You may wish to adjust your subscription after deleting a device.

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