Deleting a Device
How to remove devices from your ManageXR organization
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Deleting a device will remove the device from your remote management/control.

When you delete a device, the following will happen:

  • The device will be removed from Kiosk Mode / Home Screen

  • Device settings Disable Factory Reset and Disable USB File Transfer will be unset.

To delete a device:

  • Click the More button at the bottom of the device's sidebar menu

  • Select Delete

  • Type the device name to confirm and delete

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💡Important Notes:

  • All distributed apps and files will remain on a deleted device. To delete the apps and files, we recommend moving the device to an empty Configuration, waiting for the device to sync, and then deleting it.

  • If you delete a device, it will need to be re-registered to the ManageXR platform using the Device Setup Tool.

  • Deleting a device does not change your subscription. By deleting a device, you will be opening up a license slot for another device to be registered to the platform. You may wish to adjust your subscription after deleting a device.

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