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Subscription & Billing FAQs

How to add or remove ManageXR licenses and other common subscription questions

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How do I purchase ManageXR?

  1. Start by creating a ManageXR Account. Don't have one? Go here: Create an Account.

  2. Navigate to your account in the top right corner and select Subscription from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Start a Subscription and choose the number of devices, tier, and billing frequency.

  4. Add a default Payment method or multiple payment options.

  5. Select Update Subscription and complete.

How are payments processed?

We use Stripe for automated billing and subscription changes.

We support credit cards, ACH, and Wire Transfer for net 30 invoices.

What happens after my free trial ends?

ManageXR has a 5 license, 30-day free trial. You will be notified before the trial expires. Once expired, you will need to purchase a subscription to ManageXR to continue using the platform. Please reach out to if you have questions about your devices.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts to non-profit organizations and educational institutions. If you feel you qualify, please contact to learn more.

For large quantities or unique billing inquiries, please reach out to to speak with an account expert.

Can I add device licenses during my subscription?

Yes. You can add device licenses at any time by updating your subscription. License increases take effect immediately.

All licenses added during the billing period, monthly or annual, will prorate to the expiration of that period.

Can I decrease device licenses during my subscription?

Yes. To reduce the number of device licenses on your subscription, select Update Subscription and follow the onscreen instructions.

You'll need to delete any excess devices before decreasing the licenses on your subscription. For example, if you currently manage 10 devices but wish to decrease your subscription to 6 devices, you must first remove 4 devices from the platform. Click here to learn how to delete a device from ManageXR.

The downgrade will come into effect at the end of your current billing cycle.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your ManageXR subscription, select Cancel Subscription from the Subscription Page.

Once canceled, a term date will display, notifying you of when you will lose access to ManageXR.

You can resume the subscription at any time.

Can I add Enterprise features to other product tiers?

Yes. Reach out to to learn more.

Can I upgrade from Essential to Premium?

Yes. At the subscription page, select Update Subscription. From here, you can adjust the product tier, license quantity, and billing cycle. Upgrades take effect immediately.

Can I downgrade from Premium to Essential?

Yes. If you downgrade from Premium to Essential, the account will update in the next billing cycle. All upcoming billing changes are visible on the subscription page.

What user roles have billing privileges?

Each user in an Organization on ManageXR has a designated role that determines their privileges on the platform. Only Organization Owners have full access to billing privileges. All subscription information is hidden from non-owner users. If you wish to give billing privileges to a non-owner, you can add billing privileges to a Custom user role—more in our User Roles technical documentation.

Is there a cost associated with creating separate organizations?

There is no extra cost to create another organization. Click here to find out more about setting up and using multiple organizations in ManageXR.

Do you support purchasing with a Purchase Order/Invoice?

Yes. We support POs and Invoices with NET30 terms. Please get in touch with us at!

Need more help?

Talk to a member of our team using the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen, or reach out to

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