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How to add or remove users and assign them appropriate permission levels

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Adding or removing users from your organization is quick and easy in ManageXR. However, it's crucial to consider the level of access granted to these users when logged in to your organization.

Add a user

To add a new user to an organization:

  • Click your organization dropdown menu at the top right of your browser

  • Select Users

  • Click Add User

  • Enter the email of the user you're inviting

  • Select a role to assign to this user.

💡This role will determine the user's access level in the organization. Skip to the user role breakdown.

  • Click Add

The user will then get an email with more instructions about creating their account.

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Remove a user

  • Click your organization dropdown menu at the top right of your browser

  • Select Users

  • Click the x location next to the user

  • Click Remove on the confirmation screen

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User Roles



Who is this role for?


View all pages, send device commands, download analytics data, device screen streaming, and provision devices via the ManageXR device setup tool.

Users who only need a birds-eye view of the platform and basic access.


All of the above plus: add/remove WiFi network profiles, app, and file management; this includes all VR content - apps, videos, and WebXR links

Users who need to edit and upload content but don't decide what content gets deployed to devices.


All of the above plus: device management, configuration management, edit analytics charts, change device organization, pause configuration updates

Users that play a hands-on role in ensuring the success of your deployment. This user will often manage what content is being deployed to your end-users through configuration management.


All of the above plus:

Organization and user management

Users that need access to all Manager functions and will often be adding/removing other users from the organization.


All of the above plus:

Billing management

Users that need access to all Admin functions and will also own billing for the organization.


A combination of any function hand-picked from the above roles.

Users with specialized job functions, e.g., only need to log in to edit payment methods or download analytics charts.

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