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How to connect your device to wifi (in-headset)
How to connect your device to wifi (in-headset)

Connect your device to a wifi network in VR

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If you don't already have saved wifi credentials on your device, you can connect to a new network in VR through the ManageXR Home Screen toolbar!

Connecting to Wifi through the ManageXR Home Screen

How to connect to a new wifi network

  1. Click on the Wifi toolbar button

  2. Select your network

  3. Click on the input field to enter your credentials

  4. Once you've entered your password, click "Join"

You're now connected to wifi! Your device will continue to sync and stay up to date with its latest configuration content and settings.

💡Tip! Connecting to wifi in VR is great if you are using a new network temporarily or only need to connect a few devices. For more scalable access to wifi, you should consider deploying wifi network profiles through your configuration and loading the wifi network(s) onto your device during provisioning. That way, all of your devices will automatically come online and stay up to date with ManageXR.

Troubleshooting wifi network issues

I entered my network password, but my device still shows that the wifi is off

If you entered your password and the wifi network shows that it is "Saved" but your device still says that it is not connected to the internet, you probably entered the wrong wifi password. Currently, the ManageXR home screen wifi menu does not show an error when the password is incorrect (improvement coming soon!).

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Click on the wifi network from the toolbar

  2. Remove the existing wifi network credentials by pressing the trash icon

  3. Find the network in your list of wifi networks again and re-enter the credentials, confirming that the password is correct.

If you are still having issues getting your device online after entering the credentials again, contact your network administrator.

I brought my device online, but it is still reporting out of date / not downloading the latest update

Your device should sync with ManageXR shortly after coming online and automatically start downloading its latest configuration update, if one is available.

If you wait longer than 15 minutes, and your device still hasn't started downloading its latest update follow these troubleshooting steps:

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Restart your device

  2. Confirm that it is connected to wifi when it turns back on

  3. If your device is connected to wifi and it is still not downloading the latest update, you can open Admin Settings and send a Sync command to ManageXR. This will force your device to sync with its target configuration.

Still having issues? Contact your network administrator to confirm that your network infrastructure enables communication with ManageXR and reach out to

Can I connect to wifi through a captive portal?

Yes. Hotels, airports, conferences, coffee shops etc. often use captive portals to facilitate connections to internet. You can connect to a wifi network with a captive portal through the ManageXR Home Screen. Doing so will open a web browser to complete the captive portal authentication. Read more on captive portals here.

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