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Configure WiFi Network Profiles
Configure WiFi Network Profiles

Remotely deploy WiFi network credentials to devices via configurations

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When building a configuration with ManageXR, you can assign a list of WiFi networks to your device's list of remembered networks. This is a great way to connect your devices to a nearby network without physically putting them on and manually entering credentials inside the headset. It's also an excellent tool for provisioning headsets in bulk that are going to be shipped off-site for a deployment.

⚠️ You must first be connected to a network in order for your devices to receive the deployed WiFi network credentials.

Let's take a look at how to create a WiFi network and assign it to a Configuration inside of ManageXR.

First, navigate to the WiFi Networks tab.

Once on the WiFi Networks page, the left-hand side will include all networks that have been saved to your ManageXR account.

Add a New WiFi Network

Click the New WiFi Network button to add a new network. Once selected, you'll have access to a number of network settings.

Network Setting Button



Assign a custom nickname to help identify a network.


The SSID is the name of your wireless network. This is what you would look for when connecting a device to this network.

Hidden Network

If the SSID you're looking for is a hidden network, you must have the Hidden Network check box selected when adding the new network.

Network Type

Allows you to select a Network Type:

  • Open

  • WPA/WPA2

  • WPA/WPA2-Enterprise (+ SCEP)

Proxy Type

Allows you to select a Proxy Type:

  • Manual

  • PAC

💡If you're trying to deploy a network certificate to your network profile, follow these instructions.

To save your network, click the Create button. You can now assign it to a Configuration.

Assign a WiFi Network to a Configuration

  1. Navigate to your configurations page

  2. Select the configuration you wish to assign the WiFi network(s) to

  3. Click on WiFi Networks

  4. Select the wifi network(s) you wish to add to the configuration. Note: All networks that have been uploaded to the ManageXR Platform will be displayed on the right-hand side.

  5. Click Save Changes

⚠️ ManageXR will always let you add a WiFi network to a configuration. This means you've successfully saved WiFi credentials to the configuration, but doesn't necessarily mean the credentials were correct. If your credentials are incorrect, the device(s) will be unable to connect to the network when in range. Always ensure the device has successfully connected to the specified network when applicable.

💡If you're installing ManageXR on a new device, our device setup tool can automatically connect to a network your configuration is targeting during the initial ManageXR installation. Check out our preload configuration documentation to learn more.

That's it! The updated configuration will provide network credentials to all devices that are assigned to it.

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