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Preload Configurations with the Device Setup Tool
Preload Configurations with the Device Setup Tool

Configure devices with content, settings, and wifi credentials from the start

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What does it mean to 'preload' a configuration with the Device Setup Tool?

Preloading a configuration with the ManageXR Device Setup Tool downloads and caches all of the content and settings, e.g., apps, videos, files, system settings, etc., from your target configuration onto your connected devices during the initial ManageXR installation. If you're using Pico devices, and your configuration is targeting firmware, our tool will preload the PUI version as long as your device isn't on a newer PUI version. It will even connect directly to the wifi network you have deployed to your configuration!

What are the advantages?

Preloading configurations are particularly useful when you're setting up many devices at once. It accelerates your provisioning by downloading configuration content to your computer and loading it onto your device over the wire. Because the configuration contents are cached on your computer, the next device you set up will not have to download any content at all, speeding up setup times and reducing internet bandwidth requirements.

πŸ’‘ If you don't turn on "Preload Device Configurations" in the Device Setup Tool, each device waits until it comes online to download its configuration content. Then, it downloads all content and settings on its own over the internet.

How to Preload a Configuration onto your device:

  1. Create your Configuration in the ManageXR Web Console. Add your desired content, device settings, wifi credentials, and more! Learn more about building configurations.

  2. Turn on "Preload Device Configurations" in the Device Setup Tool settings

    Go to Settings:

    Check "Preload Device Configurations"

  3. Select your configuration and install ManageXR

    Success! You've installed ManageXR on your device, along with all of the content and settings in your configuration.


How long does cached content stay available on the Device Setup Tool?

The DST cache will stay available forever, or until the cache is manually cleared.

πŸ’‘ If you're looking for more tips on how to set up many devices at once, see our Bulk Device Setup Guide!

Need more help?

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