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Push Configuration Updates with the Device Setup Tool
Push Configuration Updates with the Device Setup Tool

Update devices offline, reduce network bandwidth requirements

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When customers are in circumstances with poor internet, it can be very difficult for their devices to receive big updates from ManageXR. Updates can take hours and fail after much time is invested. Users need an offline solution to enable them to navigate tricky network situations confidently. A great solution is pushing these configuration updates over the wire using the Device Setup Tool.

To push configuration updates using the Device Setup Tool:

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of the ManageXR Device Setup Tool

    1. Download for Mac

    2. Download for Windows

  2. Open the device setup tool

  3. Plug a device that already has ManageXR installed on it into your computer

  4. Click the three-dot menu

  5. Select Push Configuration Update to force the device to update to its latest configuration.

The Device Setup Tool will then download and cache all configuration content and settings, e.g., apps, videos, files, system settings, etc., to your computer and load it onto your device over the wire. Because the configuration contents are now cached on your computer, the next device you update will not have to download any content at all, allowing you to push offline updates and reduce internet bandwidth requirements.

๐Ÿ’ก If you're using Pico devices, and your configuration is targeting firmware, our tool will preload the PUI version as long as your device isn't on a newer PUI version. It will even connect directly to the wifi network you have deployed to your configuration!

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