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ManageXR's Home Screen natively supports captive portal Wifi networks. A Captive Portal Wifi network is typically an Open network that requires you to log in via a web browser once connected. For example, when you go to Starbucks or the airport and connect to their public network, a pop-up webpage appears, and you have to click “accept” or go through further verification before you can use that network. If you attempt to connect to one of these networks, the ManageXR Home Screen will automatically open a web browser so users can easily connect to these networks.


Every captive portal is slightly different, which may present compatibility issues. If you are unable to connect to a captive portal network for any reason, the following information is key to investigating and resolving the issue:

  • A video of the failure to connect to this network from ManageXR and within the default device menus. Here is documentation on how to temporarily exit ManageXR and access the default device menus.

  • The network name and device logs, ideally from the session the headset attempted to connect to the network. To achieve this, attempt to connect to the captive portal and immediately pull device logs via our device setup tool.

Send the logs and a description of the behavior you're experiencing to us via or using the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen when logged in to ManageXR.

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