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Kiosk Mode / Home Screen
Temporarily Disable Kiosk Mode / Home Screen
Temporarily Disable Kiosk Mode / Home Screen

Follow these steps to disable and re-enable Kiosk Mode / Home Screen

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You may need to temporarily disable Kiosk Mode / Home Screen to allow your user to access device apps and settings that are otherwise locked away when Kiosk Mode or the Home Screen is activated. Depending on your situation, there are a few ways to do this. You can temporarily disable kiosk mode using the following methods:

Disable Kiosk Mode using the ManageXR Web Console

If your device is connected to the internet, send the Disable Kiosk command to your device. When you want to revert, send the Enable Kiosk command from the same place.

Disable Kiosk Mode using the Home Screen's Admin Settings

If your device uses a Kiosk App / ManageXR Home Screen, you can exit kiosk mode or disable kiosk mode from within the headset.

Exit Launcher (not available on Pico devices)

Exit Launcher will temporarily exit the selected Home Screen and return you to the default device home screen:

1) Put on your VR headset and go to the Home Screen.

2) Click the Admin Settings button in the bottom right.

3) Enter your Admin PIN–the default PIN is 5112. Otherwise, you can find your PIN in the ManageXR Console under your Home Screen Configuration settings

4) Click Exit Launcher

To re-launch your Home Screen, restart your headset or launch ManageXR Home Screen from For WorkCompany Managed, or Unknown Sources (this depends on what Meta firmware version your device has installed) under the App Library, and the device will revert to your previous settings.

Toggle OFF Kiosk Mode

Toggling off Kiosk Mode will exit Kiosk APP / ManageXR Home Screen until you re-enable it. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Put on your VR headset and go to the Home Screen.

  2. Click the Admin Settings button in the bottom right.

  3. Enter your Admin PIN - you can find it in your Kiosk App / ManageXR Home Screen Configuration settings on the ManageXR Web Console.

  4. Toggle OFF Kiosk Mode.

Once disabled, click the home button on your headset's controller to return to the default device home screen.

There are two ways of re-enabling Kiosk Mode:

  1. Navigate to the device page in the web console and click Enable Kiosk:

  2. Click on Admin Settings, enter your Admin PIN, and toggle ON Kiosk Mode.

Disable Kiosk Mode using the Device Setup Tool

If you don't have internet access and are not using the Home Screen, you can disable Kiosk Mode by plugging your device into a computer and using our Device Setup Up.

  1. Launch the Device Setup Tool on your computer and plug in your VR device.

  2. Click the three-dot button next to the device.

  3. Select Disable Kiosk Mode from the drop-down menu.

Disable Kiosk Mode using the Oculus Failsafe Method

  1. Click the Oculus button on your controller 12 times with a 1-second pause between each click. The screen will flicker briefly each time.

  2. After the 12th click, the typical Oculus Universal Menu will pop up, and you can access the standard Oculus settings and menus.

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