Home Screen Features
Guardian/Play Boundary Setup, Controller, Wifi, Casting, Admin Settings, Bluetooth, and Hand Tracking on the ManageXR Home Screen
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The ManageXR Home Screen is a customizable app launcher for your end-users, enabling you to streamline the user experience and lock a device to your approved applications.

💡The Home Screen acts as a kiosk mode and does not allow users to exit without the use of an admin pin.

Home Screen Features

On the bottom of the Home Screen, you will see a toolbar containing various information and settings.

From left to right, you will see:

  • Time & Date

  • Headset Battery Health

  • Left and Right Controller Battery Health

  • WiFi Settings

  • Casting

  • Boundary Setup

  • Controller Settings (Pico G2, Neo 2, Neo 3)

  • Bluetooth

  • Admin Settings

Let's look at each of the setting options and their function within the ManageXR Home Screen.

Menu Button


Device Compatibility


Launch a WiFi menu to connect to a local network.

All Devices


Launch your device's native screencasting settings.

All Pico and Oculus Devices

Play Boundary

Launch the device-specific boundary setup tool.

Pico Neo 2

Pico Neo 3

Meta Quest

Meta Quest 2

Controller Settings

Launch your device's native controller settings menu.

Pico G2 4k

Pico Neo 2

Pico Neo 3


Launch your device's native Bluetooth settings.

Pico G2 4K

Pico Neo 2

Pico Neo 3

Meta Quest

Meta Quest 2

Admin Settings

Open the Admin Settings menu (see below).

All Devices

Admin Settings

To open these settings, click the Admin Settings button (furthest to the right on the toolbar) and enter your Admin PIN. The default PIN is 5112. Otherwise, you can find it in the ManageXR Console under your Home Screen Configuration settings

Once you've entered your PIN, you'll see a list of additional Admin settings.

Admin Action



Force your device to sync with the ManageXR server.

Exit Launcher (not available on Pico devices)

Temporarily exit the Home Screen and return to the default device home screen. To re-launch the Home Screen, launch ManageXR Home from the "Company Managed" app section, or reboot your headset, and the device will revert to your previous settings.

Kiosk Mode

Disables Kiosk Mode until you re-enable it. Once disabled, click the home button on your headset's controller to return to the default device home screen. You can re-enable Kiosk Mode through the Home Screen app or the ManageXR Console.

Note: There are multiple ways to disable Kiosk Mode; learn more.

Lock Admin Settings

Lock these Admin Settings behind your Admin PIN. By default, this setting is turned on.

Hand Tracking - Meta Quest Devices Only

🛑This feature is in beta and is not officially supported on the ManageXR Home Screen. Results may vary from firmware version to firmware version.

To set up Hand Tracking on the ManageXR Home Screen for Oculus devices:

  1. Go to the Oculus settings

  2. Click on Movement Tracking

  3. Toggle on Hand Tracking

⚠️Important: To set up Hand Tracking, your device must not have Kiosk Mode/Home Screen enabled in ManageXR. Here's a guide to temporarily disabling kiosk mode.

After turning on Hand Tracking for the first time, a brief Oculus tutorial will launch, and you will now be able to use Hand Tracking on the ManageXR Home Screen. Check out Meta's Getting Started with Hand Tracking guide to see a list of gestures and other helpful information.

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