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How to Hide VR Content from the Home Screen
How to Hide VR Content from the Home Screen

You can deploy an app, video, or webXR link and then hide it in the home screen so it's not directly accessible to users!

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To hide VR Content in the Home Screen (app, video, or webXR link), do the following:

  1. Edit your configuration

  2. Navigate to the "Device Experience" tab

  3. Navigate to the "VR Content" section

  4. Toggle the "Hidden/Visible" option on the content you'd like to hide

  5. Save your changes

Why is this useful?

Hiding content from the Home Screen can be useful for a variety of reasons!

  • Your deployed application is not intended to be launched directly from the Home Screen. This might be because the app is actually a background service that runs on its own, or because you have another app that deep links to it. Whatever the reason, hiding content in this way allows you to deploy apps without making them directly available to end users from the Home Screen.

  • You want to prevent access to a certain piece of content, but not delete it from the device entirely. This can be particularly useful if you plan to allow access to this content at a later date but don't want to have to re-download it. We see schools use this feature to create a focused VR learning experience without having to delete and download lots of content on slow internet networks.

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