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Learn the core ManageXR concepts, and how to set up and remotely manage your first device

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Follow this Getting Started guide to learn the ManageXR core concepts. By the end of the guide, you will know how to:

  • Register new devices on the platform

  • Remotely manage apps

  • Set up a custom Home Screen

If you haven't seen it already, our 6-minute demo video is a great introduction to our platform before following the rest of this guide.

1) Register a New Device

The first step to managing a device with ManageXR is registering the device on the platform. To do that, you'll want to follow this guide on how to Register a New Device.

2) Installing a Demo App

When you registered your device, you gave it a Configuration. A configuration is a bundle of ManageXR settings that define how your device should behave. It includes which apps to install, files to load, kiosk mode settings, etc. All devices with the same configuration will behave the same way.

Let’s add an app to your device's configuration. To learn how to do this, you can read through the steps below, or watch this video tutorial.

  1. Go to the Configurations page;

  2. Click your device’s configuration;

  3. Click on a Demo App to deploy it and save your changes.

💡 Note: Make sure to approve the correct app for your device type. For example, if you registered a Pico device, deploy the Demo App - Pico app.

All devices will sync with a configuration after any edits. If your device is online, it will now immediately begin installing the demo app.

You can watch a device's updating progress on the Devices page. Find your device on the Devices page, click on it to view its details, and then click on Current Configuration.

Once the app is installed, you’ll be able to use it on your device. Check your device’s app library for these new apps.

💡 Note: On Meta devices, these apps will appear in the "For Work" app section.

3) Setting up your Home Screen

When using VR headsets in a business context, you usually want to streamline the process of getting to your apps. This can be done with either Kiosk Mode or our ManageXR Home Screen.

Kiosk Mode locks your VR device to a single app, turning your VR headset into a focused, single-purpose tool.

ManageXR Home Screen replaces the default home screen with a simplified app launcher, enabling you to offer an easy-to-access library of apps.

For this guide, we’re going to set up the Home Screen. To learn how to do this, you can read through the steps below, or watch this video tutorial.

  1. Navigate back to your Configuration;

  2. Click on the Device Experience tab;

  3. Click ManageXR Home Screen;

  4. Save your changes.

The Home Screen is fully customizable, and the web editor is a one-to-one representation of what you’ll see in VR. You can drop in your branding from the logo & background tab, select 360 background images from our list of curated options, or even upload your own background images.

Now that the Home Screen has been enabled, your device will begin to download and install the ManageXR Home Screen app. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, click the home button on your VR device’s controller. You’ll be brought to your new Home Screen! As you approve more apps in your Configuration, they’ll appear here.

Congrats - You're Done 🎉

In just a few steps, you registered a new device on ManageXR, remotely distributed an app to your device, and set up your ManageXR Home Screen. Use these concepts to create your own configuration and start managing your devices with your own apps and settings.

💡 Note: You do not need to keep using the Demo App; it was solely for the purpose of getting you up and running quickly. Instead, upload your own app and deploy that!

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