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Deploy apps with named release channels

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Release Channels create a layer of abstraction between specific app versions and the intended audience for that version. For example, you may deploy a "Production" release channel to your main devices and a "Beta" release channel to your test devices.

The moment you begin to manage multiple app versions on multiple configurations, you should consider using Release Channels instead of targeting specific app versions. Then, as your app evolves, rather than updating each of your configurations with the new version, you can instead update the app's Release Channel.

Create a Release Channel

  1. Go to your app's page

  2. Click + New Release Channel

  3. Enter a name for the release channel

  4. Select a target version for the release channel

  5. Click Save Changes

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Deploy a Release Channel

You can deploy a release channel to a configuration the same way you'd deploy a specific app version.

  1. Go to your configuration

  2. Deploy your target app

  3. Select your release channel from the version dropdown menu

  4. Click Save Changes

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Share a Release Channel

You can share release channels with other organizations by clicking the share icon and selecting which organization(s) you wish to share the release channel with. Read our App Sharing Documentation to learn about the various ways you can share your release channels.

Once shared, you can monitor how many devices the released channel is deployed to in the receiving organization.

Update a Release Channel

When you update a release channel, all devices targeting that release channel (via their configuration) will update.

  1. Go to your app's page

  2. Update the release channel's target version

  3. Click Save Changes

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