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Bundle Files With Your App
Bundle Files With Your App

Deploy supporting files alongside applications using Bundled Files

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Why would I bundle files with my app?

Bundled Files help you distribute, organize, and update supporting files efficiently. We often see customers deploying files alongside applications; for example, your app may use interchangeable MP4 video modules or read data from a customizable JSON. Separating these supporting files from the APK itself means you can easily swap them without building a new version of your APK since app versions on ManageXR can now include APK, OBB, and all of your Bundled Files!

Bundle additional files with app versions that automatically deploy with their APK

To bundle additional files directly with your app versions:

  1. Navigate to the VR Content tab and select the app you wish to add bundled files to

  2. Click the Bundled Files icon

  3. Enter the file path of the folder where you'd like your files to go

  4. Drag and drop supporting files from your file library (Learn how to upload your files here)

  5. Click Save Changes

Migrating from deploying files via configurations to using Bundled Files

Until now, you've had to manage and deploy files separately in your Configurations. Deploying apps using Bundled Files allows you to deploy files from one centralized location rather than doing it on each configuration, which will save a significant amount of time. So, we recommend moving from deploying files via configurations to using bundled files.

Let's walk through the migration process:

1) Navigate to the VR Content tab, select the app you wish to add bundled files to, and click the Bundled Files icon

2) Copy the file structure from an existing configuration or another app version and apply it.

3) Create a new release channel and target your Bundled File app version.

⚠️ Although you can have your configuration target the bundled version of your app, we highly recommend using a release channel to deploy your app version instead. Release channels enable you to make version changes in one place that apply to all your configurations and organizations.

4) Edit the configuration to deploy the release channel with bundled files and remove existing files on the config that the Bundled Files now cover.

💡During this process, you may see an error that says, This configuration deploys one or more apps with bundled files. If a bundled file conflicts with a file listed here, only the bundled file will be deployed. Learn more about file conflicts here.

Copy files/file structures from existing configurations or app versions to use as Bundled Files

If you already have configurations or app versions with complex file paths, it's easy to copy file structures when assigning bundled files to an app version:

  1. Navigate to the VR Content tab, select an app, and click the Bundled Files icon

  2. Copy the file structure from an existing configuration or another app version and apply it.

Duplicate app versions and change the Bundled Files

Need to group the same APK version with different sets of Bundled Files? Perhaps you use the same APK with different modules depending on your customer or the day. You can duplicate your app version and adjust the Bundled Files:

  1. Press the duplicate"+" icon; the duplicated app version will contain the same files by default

  2. Give your new version a helpful label to distinguish it

  3. Edit the bundled files

Remove Bundled Files from an app version

To remove Bundled Files from an app version:

  1. Select the version of your app with Bundled Files

  2. Delete all file folders for that app version

  3. Click Save Changes

Share app versions with Bundled files via Release Channels

Sharing app versions with bundled files is easy and just like sharing any other app version:

  1. Go to your app's page

  2. Click + New Release Channel

  3. Enter a name for the release channel

  4. Select a target version for the release channel

  5. Click Save Changes

To learn more, check out our Release Channels documentation.


How do I tell the difference between a regular app and an app with bundled files on my devices?

This is easily determined by whether or not you see the bundled file icon on the synced app:

  1. An app without bundled files deployed (no bundled file icon).

  2. An app with bundled files deployed (bundled file icon).

How can I tell if my bundled files are synced?

The files will not appear in the device's Files section; instead, the app's overall sync status will indicate that the app and associated files are up to date.

Will ManageXR attempt to download all bundled files at once?

No. ManageXR limits the amount of concurrent file downloads to minimize hardware load and maximize download speed.

Need more help?

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