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Deploying Applications

Deploy applications to your configurations

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You can deploy any application to your device via a configuration. To do this, you must first upload an application to your ManageXR app library. To learn how to do this, you can read through this help document or watch our Uploading Applications Video Tutorial.

Once your applications are uploaded to the ManageXR platform, they will appear in the VR Content section of ManageXR and as available apps to deploy on your configuration page.

Deploy an Application

  1. Go to your configuration

  2. Click Deploy next to the apps you wish to deploy

  3. Click Save Changes

Once saved, your device will begin to sync with the updated configuration and bring itself up to date.

💡Tip: To learn more about how ManageXR handles application updates, check out our Application Update Behavior documentation.

Advanced Options

Toggle the slider in the top right to see additional application options.

  • Force Install - Uninstall apps before installing a new version. This feature can be very useful if you're trying to downgrade app versions on a device (by default, the Android OS will not let you install an app if the same app with a higher version code is already installed). It's also a fix for the App Signatures Do Not Match issue. However, ⚠️ Watch out! ⚠️, This may have unintended consequences. When Force Install in enabled:

    • Your app updates will not use app patching, which may result in larger downloads for updates.

    • Your app will be updated whether or not the user is actively using it, which will close the app while it is running and interrupt the user experience.

    • Your app's files and data will be deleted on each update. This may lead to losing saved logins, progress, and any data the app may have downloaded on its own.

    • Your app's granted permissions will be unset.

  • Automatically Grant Permissions - Automatically grants certain device permissions that the application requests. ManageXR is only able to grant the following permissions (and they must be declared in the app's AndroidManifest.xml):


Version Control

Applications are continuously being updated. Soon, you will upload your first of many application updates. The next time you have a new version of your app, you can upload it to the ManageXR platform by navigating to the VR Content tab, selecting the app you wish to update, and uploading the new version. With the latest version uploaded, you can now choose which app version to deploy via your configuration. Click the drop-down menu beside the app to select a specific app version. By default, the latest version will be the approved application unless changed.

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Note: ManageXR uses the versioning metadata that’s stored directly inside your APK file - to learn more about app versioning best practices, we recommend reading our App Versioning help doc.

Release Channels

The moment you begin to manage multiple app versions on multiple configurations, you should consider using Release Channels instead of targeting specific app versions. As your app evolves, rather than updating each of your configurations with the new version, you can instead simply update the app's Release Channels. Read our Release Channel documentation to learn more.

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