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Deploy a Configuration [video tutorial]
Deploy a Configuration [video tutorial]

Create a configuration and deploy it to your devices, FAQs

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Will my apps, videos, and files need to redownload when switching between configurations that share the same content?

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The app won't need to be re-downloaded if the root app is the same (same package name). If a new app version is in the destination configuration, instead of downloading the entire new app file, ManageXR generates and installs a patch file. A patch file is typically about 20% the size of the original app file. More on app patching here.


Same video—won't re-download


Same file and file structure—won't re-download. Same file, different folder structures, will re-download.

WebXR links

Same WebXR links—won't re-download.

Is there a limit to the number of configurations I can have?

Nope! There are currently no limits to how many configurations can be created.

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