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Upload a Managed App
Upload a Managed App

Add a managed app to ManageXR

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With ManageXR, you can deploy any application to your device. To do this, you must first upload an application to your ManageXR app library. Once in your library, you can deploy your content via configurations.

Upload a Managed App

  1. Navigate to the VR Content page

  2. Click the Select .apk box or drag and drop an APK file into this drop zone.

  3. If the APK file has an accompanying OBB file, add this to the Select .obb box.

  4. Click Create App

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Once uploaded, the new app will be available in your app library and can be distributed via a configuration. If you're uploading your app to share with many clients or other ManageXR organizations, you may want to use Release Channels to assist in app deployment. Then, as your app evolves, rather than updating each of your configurations with the new version, you can instead update the app's Release Channel.

πŸ’‘ To further identify an app, you can add a thumbnail, edit the title, and add an app category. Learn more.

Upload a New Managed App Version

When uploading a new app version, make sure to follow the guidelines described in our App Versioning documentation. You can also use the ManageXR CLI to automate the process of uploading applications to ManageXR.

To upload a new version:

  1. Navigate to the VR Content page

  2. Select the app you wish to update

  3. Click the Select .apk box or drag and drop an APK file into this drop zone.

  4. Click New Version

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  • Safari/Firefox Browser: If you're having issues uploading an app while using Safari or Firefox web browsers, please try using Chrome.

  • Application Icon: ManageXR will try to pull the app icon from the app files you uploaded. However, the image may be low resolution. If you intend to use the ManageXR Home Screen, we recommend adding a custom 256x256 app icon once the app has been uploaded.

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