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How to Self-Host Your Application
How to Self-Host Your Application

Add an App to your VR Content using a link instead of uploading it directly

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You can use an external url to add an application to your VR Content library and deploy it to your devices. By adding an app with an external url, you can host your application in your desired storage location and you do not have to upload the file to ManageXR.

How to add an app using an external url:

  1. Go to your VR Content and click ADD CONTENT

  2. Click Have an external url?

  3. Enter the APK URL where the app is hosted and all of the application metadata, then click CREATE APP

⚠️ Important Warning: Be careful when entering application metadata


1) The application Version Name and Version Code you enter must exactly match the Version Name and Version Code associated with the application at your APK URL.

2) The APK file served by your URL cannot change.

If the above requirements are not met, your app will fail to deploy and cause devices to always think their app is out-of-date, resulting in devices re-downloading and reinstalling the app indefinitely.

If you cannot guarantee that the metadata you manually entered will always match the APK downloaded from the external URL you supplied, then we highly recommend that you upload the APK directly to our servers instead.

How do I find the correct Version Code and Version Name for my app?

If you don't have your app Version Code and Version Name handy, you can find them by dragging and dropping your APK into the upload field. ManageXR will parse the Version Name and Version Code for you, without saving your APK or any of the metadata (unless you click CREATE APP).

Do you want to connect an external storage bucket (AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, etc) to ManageXR? Book a meeting with us.

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