Home Screen Content Overrides

Create a unique thumbnail and app name for individual configurations

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What are VR content overrides?

VR content overrides enable you to create unique thumbnails, app names, and categories that are specific to a configuration.

Why would you use VR content overrides?

1) Organize Home Screen content. Learn more about organizing your home screen apps using Categories.

2) Create configuration-specific thumbnails and app names. For example, if a math application was being distributed to a school district, each school could customize the app thumbnail and application name to include school-specific colors, images, class names, etc., using content overrides.



💡 Content overrides only apply to the configurations you’re applying them to

How do you save and clear VR content overrides?

1) Navigate to the Configuration you wish to apply overrides

2) Go to Device Experience > ManageXR Home Screen > Shortcut Menu, and make changes to the title, icon, or category for an app.

3) Select Save Changes to confirm your override selections.

4) Select Clear Overrides to undo the edits that have been made.



Need more help?

Talk to a member of our team using the chat bubble (in the bottom right of your screen), or reach out to support@managexr.com

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