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User Audit Logs and Device Activity Logs
User Audit Logs and Device Activity Logs
Track user and device activity inside of ManageXR
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ManageXR helps you track detailed information about activity on your account and devices. Want to know when you last updated your configuration, who added that device you don't recognize, or when your device installed the latest app version? Check the Activity Log!

To access this feature, head to the ManageXR Dashboard and look for Activity Log below the location map.

The activity log tracks the following Device and User events:

Device Events

Device Event



The device has synced with ManageXR servers.


App In Foreground


App Finished Play


HMD On User


HMD Off User


HMD Powered Off

INSTALL App/Video/File

Installed App/Video/File

UNINSTALL App/Video/File

Uninstalled App/Video/File

Note: ManageXR collects Device Events regardless of whether a device is online or offline. If a device is offline, it will collect and store data to upload the next time it comes online.

When tracking Device Events through the ManageXR Activity Log, you may come across some device operating system app events. The following are examples of system apps, by device manufacturer:

  • Oculus: Android System, Clear Activity, Enter VR Screen, Oculus Home, Oculus App Runtime, Settings, ShellEnv, ShellEnv, VrUsb, VR Shell

  • Pico: Home, Launcher, See Through Setting, Settings, VRShell2

  • Vive: Launcher, Settings

User Events

User Events refer to changes made to any of the following items: Apps, Files, Videos, WebXR Links, Configurations, WiFi Network Profiles, Analytics Charts, Account Profiles, User Profiles, Subscriptions, and Payment Methods.

User Event



Specified item was created


Specified item updated


Specified item was deleted


Tracks commands sent to the device. See a complete list of device commands here.

When reviewing the Activity Log, you can refine your results by:

  • Filtering activity by event type: Users Only, Devices Only, or Users & Devices

  • Searching for specific device names, serial numbers, or user emails

  • Jumping to specific dates


You can click the event itself when investigating a single event to see more detailed information. For example, you can see below that a user updated a device, but what did they update? By clicking on the update, we can see that it was a configuration change from Worksite - Gamma to Test Config.

You can also do this for the entire log by toggling on the Expand All setting.

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