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Follow these instructions to create new Meta Test User accounts

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Meta Test Users are automatically associated with the Meta developer organization they are created in and can be used to log into the Meta Quest app to pair Quest devices. Although there's no documented test user limit, we've had reports that when reaching 1,400 generated test user IDs under a single developer account, the site begins experiencing issues that significantly slow the creation of subsequent test user IDs. The most reported test users we've seen generated for a single developer account is 1,600. If you plan to generate more than 1,400 test user accounts, we recommend creating another developer-enabled account to lighten the load on a single account.

To create test users:

  1. If you haven't already, sign up to be a Meta Quest developer. (This only needs to be done once. If you're already using a Meta Quest developer account, skip to step 2.)

    1. On your computer, go to the Oculus Developer Dashboard

    2. Login to your Oculus Developer account

    3. Click this link to create an Organization

    4. Accept the developer agreement

  2. Log in to the Oculus Developer Dashboard and create a new test user.

    1. Watch this video or follow the instructions in bullets b - e

    2. Click Test Users on the left sidebar

    3. Click the green Add Test User button in the top right corner and follow the on-screen instructions.

    4. Click Submit to create the user.

    5. After you click Submit, information about the Test User will appear as an item in the Test Users table, including a random-generated “Name,” “Alias,” and “Email Address.”

Whenever you create new test users, they are considered a Meta account instead of being considered a Facebook account. Therefore, when logging in to the Meta Quest app, you need to choose Log in with email.

💡Tip: You cannot reset test user passwords, so be sure to document your test user passwords or create a generic one you will use for all test user accounts.

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