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Android 12 (Meta firmware v51+)
How to give ManageXR permission to deploy files to Android/data
How to give ManageXR permission to deploy files to Android/data
Required permission to deploy certain files on Android 12 devices, Meta Quest firmware 51 files
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If your devices are running on Android 12 operating systems, you need to give ManageXR special permissions in order to write files to the Android/data folder. The devices on Android 12 include all Meta Quest devices on firmware v51 and above.

Learn more about why these permissions are necessary and strategies for deploying files via ManageXR in this Android 12 explainer.

How to grant permissions from within the headset:

  1. Boot up and put on your device

  2. Click the Oculus button on your controller to go to the Home Screen or Kiosk Mode Shortcut Menu. Select the three dots "..." on the right end of the toolbar:

  3. Select the "Permission Needed" notification button. It will appear as a gear icon with arrows around it:

  4. Select the "Grant File Permission" button in the pop-up window

  5. This will open up another window with some files on the device. Do not select any of the folders that appear in the "Files in data" section. Instead, at the bottom of the window, there will be a wide button that says "Use this Folder". Select "Use this Folder".

  6. After selecting "Use this folder", you will see a prompt that says "Allow ManageXR to access files in data". Select "Allow".

    Tip: If you don't see the "Allow" prompt, return to the ManageXR menu by pressing the oculus button and try the process again. If you still don't see it the second time, give your device a reboot!

You've now completed the steps and granted the required permission! Your device will now be able to download files to Android/data.

You can confirm that your device has updated its Android data permissions by checking out the Android 12 Permissions section of your "Device Information" page. You should see a check mark next to Android 12 Data Permission now:

Note! After you've accepted the one-time permission, your device may require a reboot before it can download new files to Android/data. Still having trouble? Don't hesitate to reach out to for guidance.


I don't see the "permission needed" notification. What should I do?

This notification will only appear if your device meets all three of these criteria:

  1. A Meta Quest on firmware v51 or higher.

  2. On version 1.7.16 of the ManageXR Admin App or higher.

  3. Using the ManageXR Home Screen or Advanced Shortcut Menu for Kiosk Mode

I selected "Use this Folder" but I don't see the "Allow" prompt. How do I finish accepting permissions?

Press the 'X' in the bottom left corner, return to the Home Screen, and start the process again. If it still doesn't show up after a second time, try giving your headset a reboot!

๐Ÿ’กThis confirmation is sometimes spotty due to the nature of this workaround. We need the Oculus system menus to appear, which are not 100% reliable.

I'm on the Essential plan and don't have the ManageXR Home Screen. How can I grant permissions on my devices?

No worries! Reach out to We have a process for you too ๐Ÿ‘

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