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ManageXR Android SDK (Lite)
ManageXR Android SDK (Lite)

For getting the device's serial number in native Android/Java code

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⚠️Important: This SDK is in beta and is subject to change. We would greatly appreciate all bug reports, suggestions, and feedback be sent to

In later versions of Android, your app may not be able to get a device's serial number. This makes it challenging to uniquely identity devices, which is a key part of licensing content and tracking usage analytics in business contexts.

The ManageXR Android SDK (Lite) enables developers to query the device serial number from the ManageXR Admin App.

We've put together a sample project that demonstrates how to query the serial number on managed devices. Check it out here:

This project is specifically for developers that need this functionality in native Android/Java code. Our full SDK (with more functionality than just querying serial numbers) is built in Unity and can be found here: If you're using Unity, we'd highly recommend using the ManageXR Unity SDK instead of this one.

We appreciate your interest in using this developer tool!

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