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ManageXR Unity SDK
ManageXR Unity SDK
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⚠️Important: This SDK is in its alpha state, and we would greatly appreciate all bug reports, suggestions, and feedback be sent to

The ManageXR Unity SDK enables developers to query device status information from our ManageXR Admin App, including:

  • Device Serial Number

  • Device Name, Configuration, Groups, etc

  • App install/update status

  • VR Content library details

This is the same SDK that powers the ManageXR Home Screen today, so you now have the tools necessary to: improve your content with additional information from ManageXR and build your own custom Home Screen-like apps.

You can access the SDK repo here:, including README and Samples. We recommend you clone the repo and play it in your editor to understand how the code works. Then you can integrate it into your project by following the Installation steps.

We appreciate your interest in using this developer tool!

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