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The ManageXR Device Setup Tool enables you to provision batches of devices with ease using Bulk Setup Options.

To use Bulk Setup Options:

  1. Launch the Device Setup Tool and plug in your XR devices using a USB-C cable splitter

  2. Click the Edit Default Values dropdown menu

  3. (Optional) Select the Configuration you created in Phase 1 of the Bulk Device Setup Guide

  4. Create a naming convention for all of your devices with the Auto Name Prefix & Suffix

  5. Click the purple Install All button

You're all set! You can now log in to the ManageXR Console and remotely manage your devices.

Tip: Using Bulk Actions in the Device Setup Tool allows you to launch device commands to all plugged-in devices. See the Advanced Device Actions documentation to learn more!

Breakdown of Bulk Setup Options



Set Default Configuration

All devices will default to the chosen configuration when plugged in.

Auto Name Prefix

All device names will default to a chosen name prefix (e.g., "Device_")

Auto Name Suffix

All plugged-in device name suffixes will default to a chosen name suffix (e.g., "Device_00287"). This can be a numerical value, or you can choose the suffix to be the serial number of the device.

Once you select your naming scheme, the Device Setup Tool will check this naming scheme against your ManageXR device directory and try not to duplicate existing device names. If applicable, the tool will choose the next number in a naming sequence.

Note: If you're provisioning a large number of devices, it's probably best to name and label these devices before entering them into ManageXR

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