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Advanced Device Actions

Device Setup Tool Advanced Actions: Refresh Device, WiFi Network, Disable/Enable Kiosk Mode, Run ADB Command, Sync, Logs, Settings

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The ManageXR Device Setup Tool is a provisioning tool that allows you to register devices to your ManageXR account. In addition, this tool has built-in device action commands and helpful developer tools.


To access the actions dropdown menu:

  1. Launch the Device Setup Tool and plug in your VR device.

  2. Click the three-dot button next to the device.

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Once open, you'll see a variety of available actions. Let's take a look at each of these actions and their function.



Refresh Device

Refreshes the connected device. You may want to do this if the device's information or status does not seem correct.

Add WiFi Network

Add a WiFi network to your device's list of remembered networks.

This is a great way to connect your device to a nearby network without having to put on the device and manually enter the credentials inside the headset.

When adding a WiFi network, you will always get a confirmation that the network has been added (shown as a green checkmark in the Device Setup Tool log). This means you've saved WiFi credentials on the device, but doesn't necessarily mean you've successfully connected to the internet. If your credentials are incorrect, the device will be unable to connect to the network. Always ensure the device has successfully connected to the specified network when applicable.

Push Configuration Update

Push configuration updates over the wire using the Device Setup Tool. Learn more

Enable Kiosk Mode

Enables Kiosk Mode

Disable Kiosk Mode

Disables Kiosk Mode until you re-enable it.

Note: Disabling Kiosk Mode through the Device Setup Tool is one of many ways to disable Kiosk Mode with ManageXR; read more for other options.

Run ADB Command

Developer tool used to run special shell commands via Android Debug Bridge. For example, to launch a specific app using an ADB Command, enter this: adb shell am start -n

ManageXR Sync

Force your device to sync with the ManageXR servers.

Apps and Files will automatically sync whenever the device is online so this command isn't typically necessary.

Filter Setup Tool Log

Filters the Device Setup Tool Log.

If you have multiple devices connected you will have activity from all devices in your Device Setup Tool Log. Use the Filter Setup Tool Log to see a specific device's activity in the log.

You can also filter the log by clicking the filter icon in the bottom right of the Device Setup Tool.

Pull ManageXR Logs

Pull ManageXR logs off devices. The Device Setup Tool will show the file path to the text logs stored on your computer.

Reinstall ManageXR

Reinstalls ManageXR on a device.

Uninstall ManageXR (non-Meta devices only)

Uninstalls ManageXR on a device on non-Meta devices. To uninstall ManageXR on a Meta device, you must factory reset it.


Force reboots device

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