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Register a Device Using a Registration Code
Register a Device Using a Registration Code

Follow these steps to register a device without sharing your ManageXR credentials!

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Sometimes you may want to register a device without having to log in to a ManageXR account. This is often required when you need someone else to register their device on your ManageXR account but don't want to share your account credentials or create new credentials for them.

⚠️ Users won't have access to our Preload Device Configuration feature when installing ManageXR using a registration code.

1) Find Your Registration Code

First, you'll need the registration code of your target Configuration. Each configuration has a unique code that can be used to register the device.

To find your registration code, go to the Configurations page and choose the code for the configuration you'd like to apply to your new device.

2) Use the Device Setup Tool

  1. Download the latest Device Setup Tool:

  2. Launch the Device Setup Tool

    • Windows

      1. The Device Setup Tool will download as a zip folder. Unzip the folder and launch the ManageXRDeviceSetupTool.exe.

      2. After launching, you may get a "Windows protected your PC" popup. Click More info, then select Run anyway.

    • Mac

      1. The Device Setup Tool will download as a .dmg. Open the .dmg and then drag the program into your applications folder as prompted.

  3. Click I Have a Registration Code

3) Register Your Device

Now, it's time to plug your device into your computer and register your device!

Follow the instructions below to set up a Meta Quest device:

In most cases, Pico and Vive devices come with Developer Mode enabled and thus do not require any preparation before registration. However, if you do need to manually enable developer mode, follow these steps:

  • Connect your VR headset to your computer

  • Ensure the Status is "Ready For Install." If it isn't, hover over the status for more instructions, or read about the various statuses here.

  • Enter your Registration Code and desired Device Name

  • Click Install

⚠️ If you're registering a factory reset device that previously had ManageXR installed and has not been deleted from your ManageXR organization, you must use the same registration code for the configuration that this device is already registered to. If you'd like to use a new registration code, you must first delete it from your organization.

You're all set! This device can now be remotely managed via the ManageXR Console. Your device will immediately begin to sync with the Configuration associated with the given registration code.

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