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Managing Installed Apps (Outside of a Configuration)
Managing Installed Apps (Outside of a Configuration)

View and uninstall any app installed on a device

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Typically, you should do all app management through Configurations. This is the best way to install, uninstall, and generally manage your apps across all of your devices.

However, you can also view and uninstall specific apps from a device if needed. For example, you may use this to ensure a user hasn't installed or sideloaded an unapproved app on their own.

View Installed Apps

To view a device's installed apps:

  1. Navigate to your Devices tab

  2. Click on a device name

3. Go to your device page and click on the Installed Apps tab

4. Check the Show System Apps option to show all apps installed on the device

๐Ÿ’ก If you're having a hard time finding an app in the list, use the search bar to type the app name or package name of the app.

Uninstall an App

From the Installed Apps section, click the ( - ) minus button to remove it from the device.

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