Add a Shared App

Add an app to your library using a share code.

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Third-party app developers and other ManageXR users can share their apps with you using an App Share Code. Once you accept the share code, the app will be added to your app library and you'll be able to deploy it to your devices.

Once you've received a Share Code (the code should look like f43d15c1-e81d-424e-98d6-fec0a8276409):

  1. Navigate to the VR Content tab

  2. Click Add Content

  3. Select App, and click the Shared tab

  4. Enter your Share Code and click Check Share Code

  5. Click + Add Shared App

This app can now be deployed to your devices through any of your configurations!

Want to share your own app? Read our App Sharing Documentation to learn how.

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