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Add External Apps (Store Apps, App Lab Apps) to your ManageXR Content Library
Add External Apps (Store Apps, App Lab Apps) to your ManageXR Content Library

Follow these instructions to download apps from the Meta, Pico, or HTC stores to your ManageXR library

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External Apps are not directly managed by ManageXR and cannot be installed, updated, or uninstalled by ManageXR. However, External Apps that are manually installed on a device can be approved in a Configuration and included in your Home Screen or set as a Kiosk App.

For example, let's say you want to include Beat Saber on your Home Screen but don't have access to the APK file to distribute via ManageXR. In this case, you'd manually install Beat Saber on your device from the hardware provider's App Store, add Beat Saber as an External App in ManageXR, and approve it in your device's configuration. If Beat Saber is installed on your device, it will appear on your Home Screen.

⚠️If you want to use Meta store content, you must purchase content for each device using a unique Meta account and manually download that content to each device. You cannot remotely deploy store-bought apps. To learn more about account setup options when deploying Meta Devices at scale, check out our Meta Account Setup Guide.

ManageXR does not recommend using store apps for large-scale deployments. If you plan to use store apps for large-scale deployments, we recommend you contact the app developer for app licensing information. The developer can even share their application with you directly through ManageXR. Feel free to include us in the conversation with an app developer if you ever get to this point. Contact for more info on how we partner with app developers.

Installing an External App

The first step to using an external app is to manually install it onto your device using native device menus. This is the recommended universal option, as it works with many different hardware types:

Using the Meta Quest App

Meta Quest users also have the option of downloading apps from the Meta Quest App on a mobile device or on a computer (using an internet browser).

On a Mobile Device

  1. Open the Meta Quest App

  2. Click Menu in the bottom right

  3. Select Devices

  4. Open the App Library

  5. Tap the app you wish to install

  6. Click Install on Headset

On a Computer

  1. Navigate to the Meta Quest store

  2. Purchase and/or download the app of your choice

    1. If you have more than one device connected to your Meta account, there will be a popup prompting you to choose the device on which to download the app

  3. Turn on your headset

    1. Your headset must be powered on and connected to the internet within an hour of downloading the app

Adding an External App to ManageXR

Once you've manually installed the app, you can make it appear in your ManageXR Home Screen by adding it to ManageXR as an external app. To do this, you will need the Package Name of the app. A Package Name is an app's unique identifier and can be found in a device's Installed Apps section.

To locate an app's package name:

  • In ManageXR, head to the Devices tab and select the device you've installed the app store app on.

  • Click Installed Apps

  • Locate the app you're adding, and click on the package name below the app title to copy the package name.

Now that you have the Package Name, it's time to create the External App:

  • Select the VR Content tab ➡️Add Content ➡️External

  • Add a title for the app and paste the package name

  • Click Create

The External App is now added to your VR Content library! Let's add this new store app to a configuration:

  • Navigate to your Configurations tab and select a configuration.

  • Click Deploy on your newly added app in the App Library section, and save the changes.

⚠️ An External App deployed in a configuration will only make the app appear in your ManageXR Home Screen if it is already installed on the device. ManageXR cannot remotely install an External App for you.

Updating External Apps

ManageXR cannot push updates for any app acquired from a hardware provider's app store. This restriction is enforced by the hardware provider and is not a ManageXR limitation.

Updates for store apps typically happen automatically, but some apps may require you to open the app to finalize the update. If you're finding that Meta store app updates are interrupting the end-user experience, Meta has a feature that will allow these updates to happen as soon as they are available via Meta release channels, even if devices are off. As Meta mentions in the article linked below, "Many apps release updates overnight and across different days of the week." So, hopefully, these app updates will happen when the devices are not in use. More information here.

Extra: First Steps App

It's common to add the First Steps app as an external app. In many cases, this app comes preinstalled on Meta Quest 1 & 2 (you can download it from the Meta Quest store for Quest 3), and all you need to do is add it as an external app to have it appear on your home screen.

Oddly, the First Steps app can have two package names that depend on what Meta Quest headset you're using:

  • com.oculus.MontereySetup Quest 1 & Quest Pro

  • com.oculus.MiramarSetupRetail Quest 2 & Quest 3

Since First Steps comes on Quest 1 & 2 devices by default, it appears in the device's System Apps. If you don't initially see the First Steps app in your device's Installed Apps section, be sure it is installed on your device and that you've toggled on Show System Apps. For Quest 3 devices, it's recommended to install First Steps from the Tutorials section of the drop-down device menu in-headset.

💡The Installed Apps list can be quite extensive when System Apps are toggled on. It's best to search for First Steps manually in the search bar.

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