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Device Tags

Use device tags to organize and filter your devices

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Assigning tags to devices adds another layer of organization to your device fleet. As your device count grows, rather than searching for devices based on their individual name, you can instead filter devices based on tags you've assigned to them.

Imagine you're a school district and need to associate devices with a given school. With tags, you cannot only tag a device to a specific school, but you can also add a classroom or teacher!

This makes device tags a great solution if you want to quickly search for a specific device or batch of devices to monitor health, troubleshoot, change configurations, launch device commands, etc.

💡See our Navigating Your Devices guide for more information on searching, filtering, and sorting devices.

Create a New Tag

  1. Go to your Devices page

  2. Click on Add New Tag

  3. Enter a tag name

  4. Press enter or click off to the side

Assign Tags to Devices

Assign a tag to a single device:

  1. Select the device you wish to assign a tag to

  2. Click the Tags dropdown

  3. Select a Tag(s) and click save

Assign tags to several devices at once:

  1. From your Devices page, select the target devices

  2. Click the Tag button and select tags

  3. Click Save Changes

💡Tags are a great way to quickly filter devices in your device list, but they also synergize well with our analytics feature. Check out our analytics documentation to learn more.

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