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Troubleshooting: A Device Was Accidentally Deleted From My ManageXR Account
Troubleshooting: A Device Was Accidentally Deleted From My ManageXR Account
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Reinstall ManageXR using the Device Setup Tool

Follow these steps to reconnect a device to your ManageXR organization using the Device Setup Tool:

  • Open the ManageXR Device Setup Tool on your computer

  • Plug in your device

  • The device setup tool will read Not Registered, which means ManageXR is installed on the device, but the device is no longer connected to your ManageXR account. This typically happens if the device is deleted from the ManageXR web console.

  • Give your device a name and select a target configuration.

  • Click Install to reinstall ManageXR on the device.

Congratulations, your device is now re-registered to your ManageXR account.

💡Tip: If your device status is anything other than Not Registered, check out our Device Statuses documentation to learn what your device status means and how to fix the issue.

Reinstall ManageXR Using the Pico Preload Application

For Pico G2 4K and Pico Neo 3 devices, you can use the Pico Preload app to reinstall ManageXR:

💡Note: Using the preload method will always assign the device's serial number as the device name and not the original name you had for this device before it was


In some situations, devices may be on-site at a client location, and the above steps may not be possible. If this is the case, ManageXR can reconnect this device for you upon request by reaching out to

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