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Troubleshooting: I Can't Get My Meta Quest Device to Cast Properly
Troubleshooting: I Can't Get My Meta Quest Device to Cast Properly
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ManageXR utilizes the Meta Quest's native casting feature and has no written code that affects casting. Therefore, we highly recommend looking at Meta's troubleshooting steps here.

If you've worked through the troubleshooting steps outlined in Meta's support document and are still experiencing issues, the next step is investigating the network your devices are using.

Common network issues we see are:

  • As Meta's troubleshooting steps outline, the device you're casting to and the headset must be on the same Wi-Fi network. "Make sure your phone and headset are on the same Wi-Fi network and that they can directly communicate with each other."

  • A spotty/slow network. The easiest way to test this is to connect to a hotspot and try casting again.

  • Restricted networks. These types of networks are especially common in Education and Enterprise settings. Restricted networks typically block hardware/software-specific websites, and most schools/enterprises already block Facebook (Meta) servers, which can disallow casting, firmware updates and potentially cause other issues with Meta Quest devices. If these sites are blocked, ensure network admins allow the Meta casting site permanently and not temporarily. Network restrictions can even take further restrictions by blocking specific app services or restricting devices at the MAC address level. The solution is to work with on-site network admins to ensure these services and hardware manufacturers aren't blocked or restricted.

💡 If allowing access to these hardware/software entities on main networks is out of the question, it's best to create an entirely new hidden network that only on-site XR devices will use.

Other intermittent behavior types that are not entirely uncommon on Meta devices

Meta issues that are out of ManageXR's control

  • On some occasions, there is a lag between initiating the cast and having the cast appear in the browser. ManageXR simply launches shortcuts to the Quest Uls and can't do anything to facilitate the actual casting mechanism.

Various Quest UX issues

  • Issues like the casting dialog not popping up when expected or the Quest toolbar remaining after casting is initiated. This is related to how ManageXR interacts with the Quest System UX and is, unfortunately, imperfect. As Meta firmware versions are released, new edge cases arise, and ManageXR must then reactively work on a solution to these edge cases. If you suspect you've found an edge case, please reach out to

If you're still experiencing issues, we recommend contacting Meta support or searching on their VR community forums for more immediate solutions.

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