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Best Practices for Managing Device Firmware Updates
Best Practices for Managing Device Firmware Updates

Firmware can impact on the functionality of your devices and VR content, always test new firmware updates before deploying them widely

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What is device firmware?

Device firmware is your device's operating system - it's the bridge between the hardware and software of your VR device.

Hardware manufacturers introduce firmware updates to enhance the performance, functionality, and security of devices. However, if firmware updates are unexpected and untested, they can cause major problems, including bugs/crashes with your applications.

The Firmware Update Process

The firmware update process depends on the device type and whether you manage device firmware through your ManageXR Configurations.

  • (Default) If firmware is unmanaged, devices will automatically prompt users to update firmware when online or may auto-update without a prompt.

  • If firmware is managed on your Configuration, devices will not auto-update firmware. To upgrade firmware, you'll need to update your Configuration. Read on for best practices.

Best Practices and Important Considerations for Updating Firmware

  • Understand the stakes: Firmware upgrades can impact the functionality of your devices and apps. Major firmware upgrades have occasionally created critical issues for some apps, leading to interruptions in app/device use.

  • Test firmware before upgrading your fleet: Firmware upgrades cannot be rolled back, so we recommend testing firmware updates on a few headsets to ensure compatibility with your apps/content before wide deployment.

  • Lock firmware on stable versions: To prevent premature upgrades during testing and validation of new firmware, adjust your Configuration settings to keep devices on a stable firmware version.

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