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Meta Quest Firmware Update Policies
Meta Quest Firmware Update Policies

Understanding your options for Quest system firmware upgrades: auto upgrade / default, postpone, or disable firmware updates

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Firmware updates can introduce unexpected challenges— ManageXR helps you keep your Quest fleet working as intended by giving you the power to control firmware updates.

Firmware Update Policy Options

You can choose between 3 firmware update policies for your Quest devices:

Firmware Update Policy


Defer to Device

This policy allows each individual device to update according to its native setting.

For Meta Quest devices, the native behavior is to auto-upgrade firmware. So, choosing this option will result in your devices upgrading their firmware automatically whenever new firmware is rolled.

Learn more about native firmware upgrade behavior for Quest devices in this Meta documentation.


​Default for Meta Quest devices on ManageXR

This policy delays firmware updates from installing on the device for 30 days after a new firmware version becomes available.

Note: Firmware updates that Meta labels as critical security patches will still be pushed to devices that use this policy.

We generally recommend using this as your primary policy for your devices in the field to ensure that firmware versions have been tested and you've had a chance to validate them on development devices before they upgrade your entire fleet.


This policy locks each device onto the firmware version it currently has installed.

We recommend this policy if you're looking for maximum control, e.g., in a clinical trial, using devices with patients, or at a big event where you can't take a chance on a firmware upgrade.

💡Meta devices will not report as Out of date in ManageXR if the Meta firmware version is on an older version than what's currently available.

How to Set an Update Policy

  1. Find your Configuration

  2. Go to the Firmware Updates tab

  3. Select a Firmware Update Policy under Meta Devices

  4. Press Save Changes

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