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Meta Quest Bulk Device Provisioning Guide
Meta Quest Bulk Device Provisioning Guide

This article chronicles step-by-step instructions for setting up many Meta Quest devices in a single session.

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Required materials:

  • Computer

  • Smartphone (iOS or Android)

  • All setup information for a particular order (reseller only). If you're setting up these devices in-house, skip this step. Contact if you'd like information about working with one of our preferred resellers.

    • Meta account credentials

    • ManageXR Target Organization

      • If working with a reseller, the device provisioning contact must be added to your ManageXR organization as a “viewer” or be given a Registration Code in order to register new devices.

    • ManageXR Target Configuration (not required if using the Registration Code method).

💡Tip: A spreadsheet can be a great way for ManageXR users to track what Meta logins are associated with specific devices.


  • Download the ManageXR Device Setup Tool and ensure ManageXR and Configuration Content is selected.

    • When ManageXR and Configuration Content is enabled, the installer will download all apps and firmware for a target configuration and load them onto the device without the device needing to touch the internet. This is useful for provisioning many devices at once and reducing internet bandwidth requirements.

  • Download and install the Meta Quest mobile app on your smartphone (iOS or Android)

Provisioning a Device Steps:

  • Grab a headset box and label it with a Sharpie

  • Unbox the headset and label it with a label maker

  • Put the headset on and connect it to wifi. Let it install Meta firmware updates.

  • On your phone:

    • Go to the Meta app and click Log in with email. Log in with your test user credentials, skip entering payment info, and continue until you see the Pairing screen. If you don't see the pairing screen, click the Menu button in the bottom right of the toolbar, click the Devices button near the middle of the screen, click the plus sign in the top right, and select the corresponding device type (e.g. Quest 3)

    • The app will attempt to automatically pair the headset via Bluetooth. If it isn’t successful, a screen will appear asking for a 5-digit pairing code.

  • In your headset:

    • Look for a 5-digit code at the top of your screen, but do not enter it yet.

    • If you don’t see the code, continue through the menus until you connect to WiFi.

    • After connecting, let the Quest safety video play. The device will install updates and restart.

    • When it boots back up and has completely finished installing all updates, enter the 5-digit code into the Meta Quest app to pair the headset.

💡Note: If, for some reason, you’ve skipped past the code and you cannot get it to reappear. You can always access the code through: App library > Settings > system > about. You will see the pairing code near the middle of the screen.

  • Enable Developer Mode using the Meta App on your phone.

    • In the Meta Quest app, navigate to the Menu tab in the bottom right of the toolbar.

    • Locate the Devices icon near the middle of the screen

    • Find your device and tap Developer Mode

    • Enable developer mode

You now have a device that is ready to be Registered on ManageXR. Follow these steps:

  • With the ManageXR Device Setup Tool open, plug the headset into your computer.

  • In the headset, click Always Allow on a popup that will appear to authorize this computer to communicate with the headset.

  • On the computer, click Refresh Device in the Device Setup Tool. If your device isn’t showing in the tool, click the refresh icon at the top of the setup tool.

  • In the headset, a special settings menu will have opened. Put the headset on and remove the Android accounts (more info here).

  • On your computer, assign a configuration and device name (same as the device label) and click Install in the Device Setup Tool.

  • The device is now fully set up on ManageXR; it will begin to download and install its configuration on its own. To verify that this step has been completed, ensure the device is Up to Date in ManageXR. More info here.

This device is all set up with ManageXR! Now, you can log out of the Meta Quest app, acquire another Meta or Test User Account, rinse and repeat.

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