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Troubleshooting: My Device Has Been Lost or Stolen
Troubleshooting: My Device Has Been Lost or Stolen
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In the unfortunate circumstance that a device has been lost or stolen, we recommend taking action to safeguard sensitive personal information and intellectual property.

In most cases, ManageXR recommends an immediate factory reset of the device, which can be done quickly by sending a command from the ManageXR web console.

Factory resetting your device will:

  • Securely remove all proprietary content from the device

  • No longer uses one of your device licenses. Allowing you to upload a replacement device to ManageXR immediately

  • Allow you to see the reset/pending reset device in your device list

If you expect your device to be returned in the future but still would like to safeguard your information in the interim, please get in touch with for suggestions on how to do this.

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